Box Office 'Night Swim Movie' opens to $12.5 million

Box Office ‘Night Swim Movie’ opens to $12.5 million

Box Office 'Night Swim Movie' opens to $12.5 million, image by google

‘Night Swim’ opens to $12.5 million, and ‘Wonka’ is the overall leader as the post-holiday slump starts.

“Night Swim” is the latest horror movie from Jason Blum and James Wan.

Night Swim will open in 3,250 theatres across the United States and make $12.5 million. This will put it in second place for the weekend, behind Willy Wonka.

The Universal movie from horror masters Jason Blum and James Wan is the only new wide release this weekend. It comes out just as the holiday slump starts to wear off. After previews that brought in $1.5 million, the movie won the Friday race with $5.2 million.

If the figures are correct, Night Swim will do a little better than expected, even though critics gave it terrible reviews and crowds gave it a C CinemaScore. However, it will still be nowhere near as successful as Universal and Blumhouse’s $30.4 million opening weekend of M3GAN last year.

Release date:January 5, 2024 (USA)
Director:Bryce McGuire
Story by:Bryce McGuire; Rod Blackhurst
Distributed by:Universal Pictures
Budget:$15 million
Music by:Mark Korven
Night Swim

Based on a short film he and Rod Blackhurst made in 2014, Bryce McGuire directed Night Swim. The 98-minute movie starts with a memory of a young girl who has a bad ending when she tries to get a strange toy boat from her swimming pool in the backyard. Ray Waller (Wyatt Russell), a star baseball player whose career was cut short by multiple sclerosis, his wife Eve (Kerry Condon), their teenage daughter Izzy (Amelie Hoeferle), and their not-so-athletic 12-year-old son Elliot (Gavin Warren), move in after many years on the outside.

The movie Night Swim came out right around the same time that Blum and Wan agreed to join their businesses, Blumhouse and Atomic Monster. (One of the films they’ve worked on together before is M3GAN.)

Night Swim | Official Trailer 2

Warner Bros.’s “Wonka” will stay at the top of the American box office this weekend, with about $15 million to $16 million from almost 4,000 theatres. There was a huge hit during the Christmas season of 2023 with Timothée Chalamet’s show. It will pass $165 million in North America by Sunday.

With an expected $10.5 million to $11 million, Illumination and Universal’s animated family movie Migration is looking for a third-place finish. It has already made more than $78 million in the U.S. through Sunday.

However, Migration, Warner Bros. and DC’s Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and Sony’s edgy love comedy Anyone But You all seem to be in a pretty close race.

Aquaman 2 is the latest superhero movie that people didn’t like. It hasn’t even made $100 million in the U.S., but it did much better overseas. It should have made at least $99 million in sales in the United States by Sunday.

The Boys in the Boat, from MGM/Amazon and directed by George Clooney, keeps getting better. It looks like it will beat out The Colour Purple for the first time this weekend, with an expected $6.2 million from 2,687 theatres.

We think that Warner Bros. and Amblin’s “The Colour Purple” will make an amazing $54 million in the U.S. through Sunday, with $4.3 million from 3,216 theatres. The Boys in the Boat should have made more than $34 million in the U.S. by Sunday.

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