Fetch.ai, Ocean Protocol, SingularityNET Join Forces to Create 'Artificial Superintelligence' (ASI) Crypto

Fetch.ai, Ocean Protocol, SingularityNET Join Forces to Create ‘Artificial Superintelligence’ (ASI) Crypto

Fetch.ai, Ocean Protocol, SingularityNET Join Forces to Create 'Artificial Superintelligence' (ASI) Crypto

Groundbreaking Merger in the AI Blockchain Space

Three pioneering projects at the forefront of artificial intelligence (AI) on the blockchain – Fetch.ai, Ocean Protocol, and SingularityNET (SNET) – have announced their intention to merge their respective tokens into a unified cryptocurrency called “Artificial Superintelligence” (ASI). This bold move aims to consolidate their forces and create a formidable presence in the rapidly evolving realm of decentralized AI development.

The Birth of the ASI Token: Powerhouse in AI Innovation

The newly formed ASI token will result from the amalgamation of three AI-centric cryptocurrencies: Fetch.ai’s FET, Ocean Protocol’s OCEAN, and SingularityNET’s AGIX. This union promises to unleash a potent force in the AI blockchain sector, leveraging the strengths and capabilities of each project.

Visionary Minds Behind the Merger

The masterminds behind this groundbreaking collaboration are three luminaries in the field of decentralized AI. Dr. Ben Goertzel, renowned as the “Father of AGI” (Artificial General Intelligence), spearheaded the development of SingularityNET, a blockchain framework and marketplace for AI services. Humayun Sheikh, an early investor in DeepMind, conceived Fetch.ai as a decentralized platform for AI application development and monetization. Meanwhile, Trent McConaghy’s contributions to Ocean Protocol have enabled the creation of a data exchange platform for tokenized data assets, powered by AI.

Unleashing Synergies and Fueling AI Innovation

According to Bruce Pon, CEO and co-founder of Ocean Protocol, the merger holds the promise of realizing a fully integrated suite of decentralized technologies, poised to achieve global competitiveness in the AI arena. The combined force of these projects aims to drive research and development, foster AI applications, and facilitate the commercialization of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) solutions.

The ASI token, with an estimated fully diluted valuation of approximately $7.5 billion, is envisioned as the cohesive force that will incentivize and align all actors within this unified ecosystem. By serving as the native currency for the “machine economy,” ASI tokens will facilitate secure network operations, enable data access, and unlock computational power without relying on traditional banking and payment systems.

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The merger of Fetch.ai, Ocean Protocol, and SingularityNET into the ASI token represents a significant milestone in the pursuit of decentralized AI development. By combining their collective strengths, these pioneering projects aim to accelerate the realization of Artificial General Intelligence solutions and foster a thriving ecosystem for the “machine economy.” As the AI blockchain sector continues to evolve, the ASI token stands poised to become a driving force in shaping the future of decentralized AI innovation.

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