Deputy Prime Minister Denies Rape Claim | Deputy Pm Denies Cover-Up of Rape Claim

Deputy Prime Minister

Deputy PM Denies Cover-Up of Rape Claim | ‘Concern’ Over Armistice Day Protest – Sunday Politics Roundup

The Deputy Prime Minister (PM) of the United Kingdom (UK) has denied allegations that he covered up a rape claim against a fellow Conservative MP. The allegations were made in a newspaper article, which claimed that the Deputy PM had been told about the rape claim in 2019 but had failed to report it to the police.

The Deputy PM has denied the allegations, saying that he had no knowledge of the rape claim until he read about it in the newspaper. He has also said that he has never covered up any wrongdoing and that he is committed to protecting victims of sexual violence.

Armistice Day Protest

There is growing concern over a planned protest at the Cenotaph on Armistice Day. The protest is being organized by a group called “Veterans for Peace”, who are calling for an end to all wars.

Deputy Prime Minister
Deputy Prime Minister, IMAGE CREDIT BY UPDAY

Some veterans and politicians have expressed concerns that the protest is disrespectful to the fallen and that it could disrupt the Armistice Day commemorations. The police have said that they are aware of the protest and that they will be in attendance to ensure that it is peaceful.

Cost of Living Crisis

The leader of the Labour Party has called for the government to do more to help people with the cost of living crisis. The cost of living crisis is a situation in which the cost of essential goods and services, such as food, energy, and housing, is rising faster than people’s incomes. This is making it difficult for people to afford to live.

Support Businesses

The Chancellor of the Exchequer has announced a new package of measures to support businesses during the winter months. The measures include a cut in corporation tax and a grant scheme for small businesses. The Chancellor said that the measures were designed to help businesses through a difficult time.

Support Ukraine

The Secretary of State for Defense has said that the UK is committed to supporting Ukraine in its fight against Russia. The UK has been providing Ukraine with military and financial assistance. The Secretary of State for Defense said that the UK would continue to support Ukraine until Russia withdraws its forces.


The Sunday politics roundup has covered a range of important stories, including the allegations against the Deputy PM, the Armistice Day protest, the cost of living crisis, support for businesses, and support for Ukraine. These stories are all important because they affect the lives of millions of people in the UK and around the world.

It is important to stay informed about current events and to engage in debate about the issues that matter to us. By doing so, we can help to shape the future of our world.

Deputy Prime Minister
Deputy Prime Minister, IMAGE CREDIT BY GOOGLE

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