Enel: No Power Restoration Guarantee by Tuesday in SP

Enel: No Power Restoration Guarantee by Tuesday in SP

Enel: No Power Restoration Guarantee by Tuesday in SP

With thousands of customers still without electricity in SP, Enel says it cannot guarantee a return of power within the deadline this Tuesday (7)

According to the company,

107 thousand customers remain without power in the metropolitan region; Max Xavier Lins said that the magnitude of the rain “was not predicted

The president of Enel Distribuição São Paulo, Max Xavier Lins, did not guarantee that energy distribution would resume in the company’s service region by the end of this Tuesday (7); Even at the weekend, the company had promised that all repairs to the electrical network would be carried out by this date.

Asked by CNN anchor Márcio Gomes whether the power would return by the end of this Tuesday, Lins stated that the company will continue to “work incessantly” to restore the service, and did not confirm that the deadline had been met.

Enel is responsible for bringing energy to the capital of São Paulo and 23 other municipalities in the metropolitan region. There are records of properties without electricity in these cities since the rain on Friday (3), a situation that continues for 107 thousand customers.

Out of schedule

Lins stated that the magnitude of Friday’s storm was “not predicted” by meteorological institutes. He claimed that the power grid “suffered heavily from the effects of this storm.

According to the president, since the start of the power outage, Enel used equipment and electricians from the company’s concession areas in Rio de Janeiro and Ceará to carry out repairs to the electrical network.

City hall action

On Monday night (6), the mayor of the capital of São Paulo, Ricardo Nunes (MDB), stated that concessionaires need to be held responsible and “have an obligation to prepare” for extreme situations like this.

Lins warned about the proportion of trees falling during the storm and stated that they “belong to the municipality”, as well as their pruning and management.

Still, according to him, there are regions where Enel will only be able to act after the public administration takes action to remove the trees. “The work must be done in an integrated manner”, he pointed out.

Enel: No Power Restoration Guarantee by Tuesday in SP

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