Holger Rune Secures Final Four Spot at UTS London with Thrilling Win Over Gael Monfils

Holger Rune Secures Final Four Spot at UTS London with Thrilling Win Over Gael Monfils


In a captivating display of tennis prowess, Holger Rune “The Viking” Rune emerged victorious in a thrilling match against veteran Gael “La Monf” Monfils, securing his place in the Final Four at the UTS Grand Final in London. The match unfolded with intense rallies, strategic plays, and a remarkable comeback, solidifying Rune’s status as a rising star in the tennis world.

Rune’s Remarkable Journey

Holger Rune’s journey to the Final Four was nothing short of remarkable. Facing off against the experienced Monfils, Rune showcased not only his athletic prowess but also his mental resilience, overcoming challenges and securing a notable victory.

“I found the rhythm,” Rune declared in the aftermath of his triumph. “I was two centimeters away from being out of UTS, and now I’m in the semi-finals.” This victory marks Rune’s first time winning back-to-back UTS matches and his debut in the prestigious Final Four stage.

La Monf’s Determination

The match began with La Monf demonstrating his resilience, particularly considering he withdrew from his previous clash due to an ankle injury. Despite concerns about his fitness, the 37-year-old Frenchman displayed remarkable strength, blasting winners and taking an early lead in the first quarter.

“I want to thank the physio here because he did a great job,” Monfils expressed between quarters. “I wanted to play this match, for myself, but also you here (the crowd).”

Intense Quarters and a Comeback

The first quarter saw a spirited exchange, with Rune matching La Monf shot for shot. However, Rune’s strategic use of the UTS card allowed him to secure a 16-9 victory in the quarter, setting the tone for the match.

Quarter two presented a remarkable turn of events, with Monfils surging to a 10-1 lead. Yet, Rune’s determination shone through as he fought back, utilizing his UTS card to level the playing field. The Viking’s mental toughness was evident as he saved all three quarter-points, forcing a deciding point at 14-14, which he ultimately won.

Reflecting on the dramatic comeback, Rune stated, “I was solid, he was playing some bombs from the baseline. I had to dig deep and stay mentally tough.”

A Spirited Third Quarter

La Monf, true to his promise of a fierce fight, staged an impressive comeback in the third quarter, winning 19-9 and extending the match to a fourth stanza. The Frenchman’s resilience and determination added an extra layer of intensity to the match, captivating both players and spectators alike.

“To be honest, I just enjoy myself. I always remind myself how lucky I am, how blessed I am to be here playing in front of you guys,” declared La Monf after winning the third quarter.

Rune’s Clinical Finish

As the match entered its final phase, Rune’s focus and readiness became apparent. The Dane closed out the match with clinical precision, securing the final quarter 16-13 and earning his well-deserved spot in the UTS London Final Four.

Holger Rune’s journey through this enthralling match not only showcased his tennis skills but also his ability to navigate pressure situations and emerge victorious. As he prepares to face Andrey “Rublo” Rublev in the next round, tennis enthusiasts await with anticipation to witness more of Rune’s exceptional talent on the UTS stage.


Holger Rune’s triumph over Gael Monfils in the UTS London quarter-finals was a testament to his resilience, skill, and mental fortitude. The match’s twists and turns, coupled with Rune’s remarkable comeback, added a layer of drama to the UTS Grand Final, captivating tennis enthusiasts worldwide.

As Rune advances to the Final Four, the tennis world eagerly anticipates the unfolding chapters of his journey, wondering if The Viking will continue to make waves in the quest for UTS glory.

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