Israel biggest attack has Gaza | Israel Tanks Big Raid Gaza


Israel’s biggest attack so far Israel has attacked Gaza,

the biggest attack that has caused a lot of damage. It was the biggest Israeli raid into the Gaza Strip so far in this war, the army released this attack. It is said that the battlefield is being prepared presumably for the invasion of Gaza that the government says is coming. The soldiers pulled back into Israel sometime before dawn in southern Gaza. More raids and deaths in a place where Israel told Palestinians to go to be safe.

We want to live beautiful lives said racket not have rockets hitting our heads. The building fell on our heads. The UN says nowhere is safe in Gaza and the siege violates the laws of war. Israel has killed thousands of Palestinian civilians just a few miles away in Israel. Sally Patou lives in one of the communities Hamas attacked.

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This is me. This is one of my friends Gil Boum and he was murdered. I’m all the time thinking how they, what they did to them, how they suffered with so much loss, whole families. She is furious that Israel’s response is being questioned

this time. We realize that after that it’s us or them. If it is, as you say, us or them. Is it ok to ignore international humanitarian law?

I’m tired of it. Of what’s the, the, the, the law, the international law said the international law didn’t prevent these murders. This, this brutal murder. Where was the world? People were happy about

Along the Gaza border.

Civilian volunteers are bringing home comforts to the troops. The soldier’s commanders say they are ready and that it’s a waiting game until the war cabinet orders them into Gaza. Most of the soldiers here were reservists called out of civilian life. How long will it take Israelis to process this national trauma?

Gaza? I think something is broken here,

we want to protect. We don’t want to fight, we don’t want to kill but if we need to do it. So here we are here, we are who you want to side with people who are like you. We are the same, we have the same values of freedom, free speech, and women’s rights.

ahead is complex. Urban warfare.

When might depend on the success or failure of talks to free the hostages? Israelis get behind their soldiers, especially at times like this. Almost everybody has been in the military or has a son or a daughter in uniform. It’s a different thing when it comes to politicians, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu makes carefully choreographed appearances but he avoids his many political enemies who say he left Israel vulnerable to Hamas. Israelis are united in their fight against Hamas. But their country faces big challenges and their leader is under crushing pressure.

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