Jurassic Park Survival: Your Dinosaur Nightmare Come True

Jurassic Park Survival: Your Dinosaur Nightmare Come True

Jurassic Park Survival: Your Dinosaur Nightmare Come True

Saber Interactive’s Exciting Vision

Saber Interactive is close to giving us the thrilling dinosaur horror game we’ve all been waiting for – Jurassic Park Survival. Unlike typical games where you build parks or take down dinosaurs, this one throws you into the movie’s events with minimal ways to defend yourself.

A Scary Adventure Awaits

Imagine hiding from velociraptors in a kitchen, praying they don’t get too close. Or picture running out of the gate only to face a hungry T-Rex, knowing staying still and a lit flare might be your only escape. Saber Interactive’s teaser for this upcoming game is filled with horror-themed nods to the film, making me eager for its release.

Reminds You of Alien: Isolation

What caught my attention is how Jurassic Park Survival brings back memories of Alien: Isolation by Creative Assembly. I’ve always thought Jurassic Park Survival would be perfect for this suspenseful style – swapping Xenomorphs for dinosaurs. With limited ways to fight back and no firearm skills, you’d have to outsmart the scaly foes, solving puzzles and finding escape routes.

An Idea That Writes Itself

This game practically creates its own story, and kudos to Saber Interactive for embracing it, even if it doesn’t go all-in on survival horror. Described officially as an ‘action-adventure,’ there’s a chance we’ll have weapons or some means to defend against dinosaur hordes. The trailer, however, focuses on isolation and anxiety, emphasizing the challenge of being alone on an island with hungry dinosaurs.

Sneak Peek into Gameplay

In the trailer’s gameplay snippet, we see Dr. Maya Joshi stranded on Isla Nublar after others escaped. Dinosaur bones hint that familiar events have unfolded, leaving only a wet banner flapping in the wind. Injured and chased by dinosaurs, Maya becomes the center of attention, creating tension reminiscent of Spielberg’s classics.

Nostalgia and Exploration

Jurassic Park Survival, driven by nostalgia, promises to let us explore an island filled with familiar landmarks and clever dinosaurs. It turns doomed attractions into parts of an immersive experience with hints of a deeper story. While survival is the main goal, the game also invites us to take in the sights cautiously, moving through the park, fearing being spotted.

Embracing the Thrill

No matter how much virtual tourism the game offers, the true excitement lies in situations where the only choice is sprinting away from an unknown threat. The fear of making one wrong move and facing an apex predator creates a mix of fear, consistent suspense, and loads of fan service. Jurassic Park Survival could go beyond typical licensed games, providing an unforgettable experience for both fans and newcomers.

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