Michigan Wolverines football - Michigan allegations

Michigan Wolverines football – Michigan allegations

Michigan Wolverines football

This CUTS to the CORE of competition – Michigan allegations

And a developing story here on SportsCenter. The NCAA is investigating the second-right Michigan Wolverines football program over allegations of sign stealing. That’s what the school and victim conference acknowledged today. Now reporting the secondary Wolverines may be going to extreme lengths to scout future opponents or college football.

Michigan Wolverines football
Michigan Wolverines football

I think the key thing about this investigation is the separation between legal sign stealing, which happens every week in high school, college, and NFL stadiums around the country. And what’s being alleged here, which is an illicit sign stealing, whether that’s sign stealing from opposition stadiums going into stadiums or future opponents and stealing their signs, whether that’s using videotape, the NCAA and the big 10 did not release specifics,

He’s already under NCAA investigation.

It was there was a trope that was about a cheeseburger the recruiting investigation that Michigan was under that cost him a self-imposed three games to start the season. This is a lot more than a cheeseburger. This cuts to the core of competition. And the fact that it’s been raised to this level and the Big 10 itself is publicized. It really brings this to a serious concern at a time when Jim Harbaugh has a national title contender on the field.

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