Real Madrid Thrilling Comeback Against Almeria

Real Madrid Thrilling Comeback Against Almeria

Real Madrid Thrilling Comeback Against Almeria, image by commons.wikimedia

Real Madrid’s Thrilling Comeback Against Almeria: A Tale of Determination and Controversy

In an absolutely enthralling encounter at Real Madrid, Real Madrid showcased their championship mettle by staging a remarkable 3-2 comeback against Almeria, a match that will be remembered for its intensity, drama, and a touch of VAR controversy. This nail-biting fixture not only highlighted the unpredictability of LaLiga but also underscored the never-say-die spirit of Real Madrid.

Shocking Start for the Los Blancos

The game started off on a shocking note for Real Madrid, as they found themselves trailing by two goals. Almeria, despite their struggles this season, came out all guns blazing. Largie Ramazani’s lightning-fast goal in the opening minute followed by Edgar Gonzalez’s stunning volley, left the Madridistas in disbelief. The first half was a clear wake-up call for Real, who failed to register a single shot on target – a rare sight for a team known for its attacking prowess.

The Turning Point: Ancelotti’s Tactical Masterstroke

The turning point of the game came right after halftime. Carlo Ancelotti, visibly frustrated by the team’s dismal performance, made a bold decision. Refusing to retreat to the changing room, he made three strategic substitutions, which injected much-needed energy and urgency into the team. This tactical switch proved to be a masterstroke.

The Rollercoaster Second Half

The second half was a completely different story. It was a half marked by high tension, with VAR decisions taking center stage. Jude Bellingham’s penalty in the 56th minute, awarded after a debatable handball and a lengthy VAR review, ignited the comeback. The game’s intensity escalated with Almeria having a goal disallowed and Real Madrid’s equalizer initially ruled out, only to be overturned by VAR. The decisions left players and fans on a rollercoaster of emotions.

Dramatic Finale: Carvajal’s Stoppage Time Heroics

As the game neared its end, it seemed destined for a draw. However, in a dramatic twist, Dani Carvajal emerged as the unlikely hero, scoring in the ninth minute of stoppage time. His goal was not just a testament to Real Madrid’s fighting spirit but also a reflection of their belief in pushing till the final whistle.

Controversy and Reactions

The match was not without controversy. Almeria’s Gonzalo Melero expressed his frustration post-match, feeling hard done by the decisions. In contrast, Carvajal defended the refereeing, highlighting the importance of staying focused until the last minute. This game was a classic example of how VAR, while aiming to bring fairness, can also become a talking point for its impact on the flow and outcome of the match.


This match will be remembered for its sheer drama and the resilience shown by Real Madrid. Their comeback underlines why they are considered one of the greatest football clubs in the world. For Almeria, it was a heartbreak, but their performance was a reminder of their potential and spirit. This match was a microcosm of LaLiga – unpredictable, exciting, and full of passion. As Real Madrid climbs to the top of the standings, this game will surely be looked back on as a key moment in their season.

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