Revitalizing Virginia Tech Football: Brent Pry Triumph Over 2023 Narratives

Revitalizing Virginia Tech Football: Brent Pry Triumph Over 2023 Narratives


Resilient Comeback

Despite a sluggish start to the 2023 season, the Virginia Tech football team, under the leadership of Brent Pry, staged a remarkable turnaround, finishing at 6-6 and securing a coveted bowl eligibility. Pry’s strategic moves not only revived his team but also dismantled prevalent narratives that surrounded the program.

1. Virginia Tech Can’t Recruit in Virginia

A persistent challenge inherited from the Justin Fuente era was the struggle to retain talented recruits within the state of Virginia. Pry recognized the need for change, focusing on rebuilding relationships and bridging the gap between the football program and local coaches.

Recruitment Triumph

The proof of Pry’s success in recruiting was evident on Early Signing Day, December 20. Virginia Tech secured commitments from four Top 15 in-state recruits, including the sixth-ranked Gerard Johnson, a four-star defensive lineman. Notable additions also included three-star recruits Joshua Clarke, Chanz Wiggins, and Keylen Adams, showcasing Pry’s commitment to retaining and attracting local talent.

Strategic Outreach

Pry’s proactive approach extended beyond traditional methods. Utilizing social media, the coaching staff actively communicated their dedication to reconnecting with high school athletes in the state. Pry’s helicopter visit to a recruit the night before the season opener and hosting local coaches during bowl practice exemplify the team’s commitment to rebuilding bridges. The narrative of Virginia Tech’s recruitment struggles in its home state is rapidly dissipating under Pry’s leadership.

2. Cultivating Stronger Local Connections

Recognizing the importance of community ties, Pry and his staff undertook initiatives to strengthen relationships with local coaches. Hosting regional coaches during bowl practice showcased a commitment to forming tighter bonds within the Maryland area, signaling a broader effort to foster connections beyond the immediate campus.

3. Early Signs of Recruiting Success

The commitments secured on Early Signing Day marked a significant step forward for Virginia Tech. Notable recruits like Gerard Johnson, Joshua Clarke, Chanz Wiggins, and Keylen Adams underscored the program’s newfound allure. Pry’s hands-on approach, demonstrated by the helicopter visit and hosting events for local coaches, is an encouraging sign of the program’s upward trajectory in recruiting.

4. A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Pry’s emphasis on recruiting and community outreach isn’t just about individual players but signifies a broader shift in the program’s culture. The commitment to rebuilding relationships and fostering local connections reflects Pry’s vision for Virginia Tech as a program that rises collectively, with success extending beyond the field.


Brent Pry’s transformative coaching approach revitalized Virginia Tech football on the field and shattered pre-existing narratives. The renewed focus on in-state recruiting strengthened community ties and early signs of success showcase Pry’s commitment to building a resilient and locally connected football program.]

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How did Brent Pry address Virginia Tech’s recruitment challenges?

Pry actively focused on rebuilding relationships in Virginia, resulting in notable commitments from the Top 15 in-state recruits.

What initiatives did Pry take to strengthen local connections?

Pry utilized social media, made strategic visits, and hosted events for local coaches, fostering stronger bonds within the community.

Who were some of the notable recruits secured by Virginia Tech on Early Signing Day?

Notable recruits included Gerard Johnson, Joshua Clarke, Chanz Wiggins, and Keylen Adams, showcasing the success of Pry’s recruitment strategy.

What broader cultural shift does Pry’s approach signify for Virginia Tech football?

Pry’s emphasis on community ties and recruiting isn’t just about individual players but reflects a broader cultural shift toward collective success.

How did the team’s performance on the field correlate with Pry’s off-field initiatives?

The team’s resilient comeback on the field mirrored Pry’s commitment to rebuilding the program’s narrative, both in recruitment and community connections.

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