Barry Keoghan Tactfully Questions About Sabrina Carpenter

Barry Keoghan Tactfully Questions About Sabrina Carpenter

Barry Keoghan Tactfully Questions About Sabrina Carpenter

Irish actor Barry Keoghan recently steered clear of questions regarding rumored girlfriend Sabrina Carpenter during an interview with Vanity Fair. The couple has been at the center of romance rumors since being spotted out to dinner together in December 2023. With Keoghan now based in Los Angeles, reportedly to spend more time with Carpenter, interest continues to swirl around the possible relationship. However, Keoghan diplomatically evaded directly addressing the dating speculation.

Barry Keoghan and Sabrina Carpenter Sparked Dating Rumors in December 2023

Keoghan and Carpenter initially sparked dating rumors when they were photographed dining together at a New York City restaurant late last year. Sources claimed the meeting had a romantic overtone, noting the duo appeared comfortable and flirtatious throughout the evening.

With both stars ascending in their careers – Keoghan receiving acclaim for his turn in The Banshees of Inisherin and Carpenter releasing new music – the news of a possible celebrity couple gained rapid attention.

Neither officially confirmed a relationship at the time. But their coy avoidance of clear denials or affirmations kept gossip swirling. As camera crews and reporters began pressing Keoghan on his personal affairs, he opted not to give a definitive answer regarding Carpenter.

Barry Keoghan Steered Clear of a Question About Sabrina Carpenter Amid Their Dating Rumors

During recent interviews and red-carpet appearances, Barry Keoghan has faced increasing questions regarding Sabrina Carpenter. However, when directly asked by Vanity Fair interviewers if he planned on bringing a date to the upcoming Golden Globes ceremony, Keoghan deflected. Rather than deny or confirm his involvement with Carpenter, he gave a political reply steering the conversation away from his romantic affairs.

“Look, I read all of that, and it gets sent to me as well,” he admitted regarding the relationship speculation. “But you gotta take it with a pinch,” he continued vaguely. Keoghan went on to emphasize the importance of limiting internet use and social media consumption to maintain privacy and inner peace as a celebrity.

While certainly not an outright admission, Keoghan’s evasive yet thoughtful response kept observers wondering if there is truth to his supposed relationship with Carpenter. Their public sighting together followed by Keoghan’s move to Carpenter’s Los Angeles hometown signal there may be fire behind the smoke of rumors. Still, Keoghan seems determined to keep romantic matters private for now.

Barry Keoghan Moves Places to Be Near Sabrina Carpenter?

Amid dating speculation between the two young stars, reports surfaced of Barry Keoghan relocating to Los Angeles where Sabrina Carpenter is based. Sources claim Keoghan made the move primarily motivated by a desire to spend more time with Carpenter as both their filming schedules ramp up.

If the reports hold, Keoghan’s willingness to uproot his home base and shift continental locations demonstrates a strong personal interest in Carpenter beyond a casual friendship. While concrete proof is still lacking, his actions imply he aims to actively foster intimacy and grow the burgeoning relationship.

With Carpenter busy on numerous film projects and Keoghan receiving many high profile role offers himself, coordinating quality time as an unmarried couple poses complications. Keoghan bunkering down in LA, near Carpenter, suggests serious prioritization of bonding one-on-one when possible.

Of course, with Keoghan tactfully staying silent on romantic matters, outside observers can only speculate on his motivations. But the dots seem to connect toward Keoghan ramping up investment in quality time with rumored sweetheart Sabrina Carpenter.

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