Natalie Portman Quietly Comments on Rumors About Her Marriage

Natalie Portman Quietly Comments on Rumors About Her Marriage

Natalie Portman Quietly Comments on Rumors About Her Marriage

Natalie Portman.

Natalie Portman, the acclaimed actress known for roles in films like “Black Swan” and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, generally keeps details about her private life under wraps. However, rumors recently surfaced speculating that her decade-long marriage to dancer and choreographer Benjamin Millepied had hit the rocks.

In a new interview with Vanity Fair, Portman briefly addressed the speculation about her relationship status. When asked directly about the rumors of marital strife stemming from Millepied’s alleged affair, Portman declined to dive into details. As she told the magazine:

“It’s terrible, and I have no desire to contribute to it.”

An Intentional Separation of Public and Private

Portman’s desire to maintain boundaries around her personal life aligns with the way she has approached her career all along. Early on, the actress made a deliberate choice to use her birth name (Natalie Hershlag) in her private life, while using the stage name “Natalie Portman” publicly.

As Portman shared with Vanity Fair:

“I got very protective of it very early on. I chose a different name when I started, which was kind of an interesting way that I separated identities.”

She kept these two spheres strictly apart initially, not even wanting to be called Natalie Portman by classmates at school. Over time, her stance has evolved to embrace a more holistic identity merge of her public and private self. However, she still clearly values keeping certain aspects like her marriage very private.

Portman summed up her overall perspective poignantly, saying:

“There are multitudes of ways other people see me, both public and private, and there are multitudes of ways I see myself.”

While the actress did not confirm or deny the status of her relationship with Millepied, her comments make it clear she has no intention of addressing rumors and speculation publicly. Portman places a high priority on shielding her personal life, and that is unlikely to change anytime soon.

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