Inside Justin and Hailey Bieber Marriage: Fighting Over His Immaturity

Inside Justin and Hailey Bieber Marriage: Fighting Over His Immaturity

Inside Justin and Hailey Bieber Marriage: Fighting Over His Immaturity

Justin and Hailey Bieber ‘fighting a lot’: ‘She’s sick of the sight of him’

Justin and Hailey Bieber have long been considered one of Hollywood’s most solid couples. However, a new report suggests that cracks may be appearing in their marriage. According to insiders, the pair have been “fighting a lot” recently, with Hailey said to be “sick of the sight of him.”

Growing apart

The report comes from the National Enquirer, which claims that Hailey is frustrated by Justin’s “childish behavior.” She is also apparently unhappy that they cannot agree on when to start a family. The couple have been married since 2018, so questions about when they will have children are understandable. However, Justin is still only 28 years old and may not be ready just yet. This is said to be causing arguments between the pair.

frosty public appearance

Tensions were clear to see when the couple attended the Super Bowl together on February 11. Justin appeared frosty during the game, including when his longtime friend Usher took to the stage to perform. Hailey took the opposite approach – dancing and singing along with Khloe Kardashian seemingly without a care in the world.

An insider said: “He seemed to want to be anywhere but sitting next to his wife. You have to wonder why he bothered to go. He obviously wasn’t enjoying Usher’s performance, the game – or Hailey’s company.”

They added: “And the more fun Hailey had, the gloomier Justin got”

Struggles with health issues

In 2021 and 2022, both Justin and Hailey have struggled with serious health issues. The “Baby” singer was afflicted by Lyme disease, while Hailey suffered a mini-stroke. She was later diagnosed with a heart condition called patent foramen ovale. An insider pointed out that they have “hardly left the house in three years.”

Being cooped up together for so long seems to have taken its toll. The source said: “From Hailey’s point of view, they’re still spending too much time together. She’s literally sick of the sight of him!”

Justin’s immaturity is an issue

One of the main problems seems to stem from Justin’s immature behavior. Despite being 28, it is said that he still “dresses and behaves like a teenager.” Understandably, this is grating on 25-year-old Hailey.

An insider claimed: “It’s like living with a kid. She can’t even stand the clothes he wears. He’s clingy and needy and she’s tired of being his nursemaid. They’ve been fighting a lot.”

Hailey rebels by partying

Hailey has seemingly started rebelling against her needy husband by ramping up her own social life. She has been out partying with friends, while Justin stays home playing video games. Initially, this was designed to “make Justin jealous and get his act together,” according to the source.

However, Hailey now seems to be enjoying the freedom and attention. The insider said she has been receiving interest from other men on her nights out.

They continued: “If things don’t get better, Hailey will hit the highway and make Justin pay the fare!”

The coming months will be pivotal in determining if this is just a rough patch in the Beibers’ marriage – or the beginning of the end. Both are still young, so they have time on their side. But Justin will need to start acting more maturely if he wants to keep his wife happy.

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