Contractor Fires Back at Sofia Vergara Over Unpaid $1.7M Bill

Contractor Fires Back at Sofia Vergara Over Unpaid $1.7M Bill

Contractor Fires Back at Sofia Vergara Over Unpaid $1.7M Bill

Sofia Vergara.

A legal battle continues brewing between actress Sofia Vergara and a contractor suing her for allegedly not paying a $1.7 million renovation bill. The contractor strongly denies Sofia Vergara claim that the lawsuit aims to publicly embarrass her,

Contractor Calls Out Vergara’s Accusations

Reside Custom Homes contracted with Sofia Vergara in 2022 to overhaul parts of her $26 million Beverly Hills estate. RCH asserts it upgraded many rooms and a staircase per agreements made with the “Modern Family” star.

However, Sofia Vergara’s legal team accused RCH of filing its complaint specifically to humiliate the famous actress and pressure her over disputed fees.

In newly filed court documents, RCH scoffed at Vergara’s allegations. The company says it simply wants a fair resolution over what it’s owed.

RCH Explains Necessity of Public Lawsuit

RCH explained why taking the payment matter to court was required procedurally. “Because a party must file a claim to foreclose on a mechanic’s lien within 90 days of recording the lien and because Defendants had not paid, and had no intention of paying, Plaintiff any of the lien amount, Plaintiff filed its Complaint,” read RCH’s statement.

With Sofia refusing owed sums, RCH says it had no choice but to pursue formal legal action before lien expiration. The contractor expressed willingness to move proceedings out of public view.

Sofia Vergara Refusing to Pay $1.7M Bill?

By all available accounts, Sofia Vergara directly approved Reside Custom Homes to significantly upgrade her mansion under her financing. RCH completed contracted jobs like plaster and staircase work they claim Vergara later refused to pay for.

If true, Vergara is improperly withholding $1.7 million from contractors she willingly employed. RCH’s insistence on getting a court ruling signals the actress won’t easily resolve this.

More Details Pending

Sofia Vergara remains steadfast that she does not owe Reside Custom Homes $1.7 million, but the contractor is equally adamant and wants a legal judgment. Until then, the ugly payment standoff looks sure to intensify.

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