Emma Stone Playfully Teases BFF Taylor Swift Golden Globes Cheering

Emma Stone Playfully Teases BFF Taylor Swift Golden Globes Cheering

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Emma Stone lightheartedly poked fun at her longtime bestie Taylor Swift’s characteristically enthusiastic support during the 2024 Golden Globes, jokingly calling Swift an “a–hole” for loudly cheering Stone’s win for Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy.

“What an a–hole, am I right?” Emma Stone quipped when asked about Swift’s predictable reaction. “I’ve known her for almost 20 years, so I was very happy she was there.”

Swift is well-known for being an animated awards show attendee, especially when her friends are up for honors. She emphatically jumped to her feet applauding when Emma Stone made her way to accept her award for her offbeat performance in “Poor Things” – Stone’s second career Golden Globe after winning for “La La Land” in 2017.

Though Emma Stone was clearly joking about Swift’s antics, the longtime pals and entertainment luminaries have frequently turned up for each other at premieres, concerts, and events over their two-decade friendship.

Just last month, Swift walked the red carpet in support of Stone at the “Poor Things” premiere. And earlier this year, Emma Stone divulged that she eagerly attended three shows on Swift’s record-shattering Eras Tour.

So while Stone playfully dubbed Swift’s awards show cheering an “#sshole” move, the quiphighlighted the affection between two of Hollywood’s most beloved stars who have consistently uplifted each other both personally and professionally since meeting as young up-and-comers in the 2000s.

Swift may not have won any awards Sunday evening, but she glowed watching her close friend and confidant Emma Stone accept the honor for her off-the-wall performance as a stitched-together Scottish aristocrat in Yorgos Lanthimos’ mind-bending dark comedy “Poor Things.”

Nominated in a new Golden Globes category for top cinematic and box office achievement with her smash “Eras” tour documentary, Swift still made time to support her “favorite daughter” Emma at the ceremony. The duo shared a sweet hug and quick catch-up on the Globes carpet ahead of the show in a friendship highlight of the night.

Ever since connecting in Hollywood as rising talents circa 2005, Swift and Stone have made a point to champion each other’s projects. Whether Taylor touting Emma’s film work or Emma never missing a chance to see Taylor in concert, their mutual admiration stands out as a sincerely supportive constant in the fickle entertainment world.

So when Emma earned her second Golden Globe trophy for the eccentric “Poor Things” performance, trust Taylor would be the proudest pal in the audience. Swift’s enthusiastic standing ovation and loud cheers sparked Emma’s hilarious jab backstage that “What an a**hole!” in reaction to Taylor’s support.

Clearly said in jest about her longtime bestie, Emma’s dig came from a place of affection for Taylor’s reliably hyped reactions to her accolades. After two decades of friendship, Emma Stone will forever indulge Taylor Swift’s exuberant award show cheering with a loving, lighthearted clapback.

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