Giselle Bündchen Finds Spark with Joaquim After Brady Split

Giselle Bündchen Finds Spark with Joaquim After Brady Split

Giselle Bündchen Finds Spark with Joaquim After Brady Split

Giselle Bündchen,

Giselle Bündchen appears to have found chemistry with her new boyfriend Joaquim following her high-profile divorce from Tom Brady. Sources say she connects with Joaquim on “many levels” and enjoys going public with their romance.

Giselle Reportedly Smitten with Joaquim

An insider told OK! Magazine that supermodel Giselle Bündchen shares an undeniable attraction with jiu-jitsu instructor Joaquim. Beyond steamy chemistry, their Brazilian roots and shared passion for fitness bolster their bond.

“Aside from their super-steamy physical attraction, Gisele and Joaquim connect on many different levels,” the source declared. Their cultural background tops the list, alongside a mutual “love of fitness and health.” The couple also shares a fun sense of humor.

Kids On Board with Mom’s New Man

Giselle shares two children, Benjamin and Vivian, with football icon Tom Brady. The insider says the kids have warmed up to Joaquim as their mother’s new partner.

“It’s so hard with divorce, but the kids know they’re together now. They like Joaquim,” the source noted. Giselle appears ready for her family to embrace this post-divorce relationship.

PDA On the Rise for Giselle and Her Beau

Initially quiet about their budding courtship, Giselle and Joaquim have recently gotten more comfortable displaying public affection.

“They were keeping things quiet but recently there’s been more PDA, they’re happy to be affectionate with each other in public,” said the insider.

Stepping into the spotlight signals Giselle’s growing contentment with her new man after her split from Brady last fall.

New Chapter for Brazilian Beauty and Her Perfect Match

For Giselle Bündchen, handsome Joaquim seems to tick all boxes – from steamy chemistry to shared cultural ties. Open PDA suggests she sees long-term potential with an appropriate partner post-divorce.

If the kids approve of Mom’s boyfriend, this power couple appears ready for their relationship close-up. With connections spanning physical and emotional intimacy to humor, the stars align for the Brazilian duo.

As she starts fresh in her new partnership with Joaquim, perhaps Giselle has finally found the perfect match she sought after calling it quits with Tom Brady.

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