Infamous Doctor Who Writer to Adapt Notorious Agatha Christie Novel for Netflix

Infamous Doctor Who Writer to Adapt Notorious Agatha Christie Novel for Netflix

Infamous Doctor Who Writer to Adapt Notorious Agatha Christie Novel for Netflix

Netflix Taps Divisive Doctor Who Writer For New Agatha Christie Adaptation

In a move that is sure to stir up debate, Netflix has announced that controversial former Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall will be writing the adaptation of Agatha Christie’s notorious 1929 mystery novel The Seven Dials Mystery. The project will be executive produced by Suzanne Mackie (The Crown) and Chris Sussman (Good Omens) under Mackie’s Orchid Pictures banner.

Chibnall’s Controversial Doctor Who Tenure

Chris Chibnall took over as showrunner on Doctor Who for the 11th season in 2018, ushering in the first female Doctor played by Jodie Whittaker. While this was a groundbreaking moment, Chibnall’s tenure was highly divisive among fans.

Many criticized his scripts as being too politically motivated and preachy, lacking the clever storytelling that made previous eras so beloved. There were also complaints about the show’s reduced episode count, excessive focus on companions over the Doctor herself, and a general lack of ambition in the plotting and world-building.

The Infamous Seven Dials Mystery

So it’s quite fascinating that Chibnall will now be tackling The Seven Dials Mystery – one of Christie’s most notorious and controversial novels. The book deals with the shocking murder of an elderly lady and explores rather unsavory themes like drug abuse, the seedy underbelly of London, and Brightonian xenophobia against foreigners.

Many vintage Christie fans consider Seven Dials to be a lesser work due to its darker tone and deviance from her usual characters and storytelling sensibilities. But it will be interesting to see how Chibnall translates the material and if his proclivities for more “elevated” storytelling will be a good fit.

Potential For Redemption?

For his part, Chibnall seems thrilled about the high-profile opportunity, telling the press it’s “an honor” to be adapting such an important novel. And the involvement of talented producers like Mackie and Sussman is very promising.

Ultimately, this could be Chibnall’s chance at redemption after his ill-received Doctor Who era. A masterful adaptation that captures the deliciously sinister spirit of Seven Dials could go a long way in rehabilitating his reputation as a writer. However, it could just as easily court further controversy if the project misfires.

Either way, all eyes will be on Chibnall as he brings this infamous Agatha Christie mystery to life. Netflix has high hopes, with executive Mackie stating she’s “thrilled” to embark on this “bold, authored and ambitious vision” led by the divisive scribe.

Only time will tell if Chris Chibnall can deliver a compelling adaptation worthy of the acclaimed Queen of Mystery’s work – or if he’ll flame out again under the harsh scrutiny of passionate fans. This effort is sure to divide audiences, but also capture attention when it eventually premieres on Netflix.

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