Jake Paul vs Andre August: Clash of Titans in Orlando


Unveiling the High-Stakes Showdown

As the anticipation builds, the spotlight returns to Jake Paul as he steps into the ring once again, this time against the formidable Andre August. The much-anticipated cruiserweight bout is set to take place on Friday, Dec. 15, at the Caribe Royale in Orlando, Florida. For fight enthusiasts, this event is more than just a showdown; it’s a spectacle promising intense action and a display of true boxing prowess.

Event Details and How to Tune In

The main event, scheduled to commence at 11:30 p.m. ET, will be available for live streaming exclusively as a Pay-Per-View (PPV) event on Dazn. To catch all the action, a Dazn membership can be obtained for a mere $0.01, followed by the purchase of the event for $39.99. Subscribers have the option to continue their Dazn membership for $5/month or opt out after the Friday night matchup.

Jake Paul’s Toughest Challenge Yet

Andre August emerges as the most experienced professional boxer to cross paths with Jake Paul in his burgeoning boxing career. Having demonstrated his mettle by triumphing over former UFC champions and MMA superstars, including a recent unanimous decision victory over Nate Diaz, August poses a formidable challenge. Notably, his only loss came in a split decision against Tommy Fury, showcasing his resilience in the ring.

In a confident declaration at the final press conference, Paul asserted, “He can’t move like me, he’s not as sharp as me. I’m skillful and will be picking him apart. I doubt he is even going to land a punch; sloppy feet and all that form. I’m going to dust him up real quick and find out who the better boxer is.”

Co-Main Event: WBC Women’s Super Middleweight Title

Adding to the excitement on Friday night, the co-main event features a clash for the WBC women’s super middleweight title. Shadasia Green and Franchon Crews Dezurn will go head-to-head in a battle that promises intense competition and a chance to claim the prestigious title. The undercard showcases compelling matchups, including Toenis Tellez vs. Livan Navarro in a light middleweight contest and Elijah Flores vs. Javier Mayoral in a welterweight showdown.

Full Card Lineup and Where to Witness the Action

The event’s full card is nothing short of spectacular, featuring matchups across different weight classes:

  • Jake Paul vs. Andre August; Cruiserweight
  • Shadasia Green vs. Franchon Crews Dezurn; WBC Super Middleweight Women’s title
  • Toenis Tellez vs. Livan Navarro; Light Middleweight
  • Elijah Flores vs. Javier Mayoral; Welterweight
  • Zachary Randolph vs. Michael Manna; Light Heavyweight
  • Lorenzo Medina vs. Joshua Temple; Heavyweight
  • Alexander Gueche vs. Clayton Ward; Super Flyweight
  • Zavier Bocanegra vs. TBA; Featherweight

Unveiling the Night of Champions

Friday night promises not just a spectacle of boxing but a night of champions battling for glory. Secure your ringside seat, either virtually on Dazn or in spirit, as these warriors step into the ring, determined to etch their names in boxing history. With every punch thrown, and every victory claimed, this event is poised to be a memorable chapter in the world of professional boxing.

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