Jamie Foxx Hints at Comeback to Comedy Roots with New Material

Jamie Foxx Hints at Comeback to Comedy Roots with New Material

Jamie Foxx Hints at Comeback to Comedy Roots with New Material

Jamie Foxx.

Oscar winner Jamie Foxx recently unveiled plans to return to his comedic roots by mounting a new stand-up tour. The versatile entertainer, known recently for dramatic acting, teased upcoming shows featuring fresh jokes inspired by his life experiences.

Sharing Throwback as a Comedic Appetizer

This week, Jamie Foxx posted an Instagram video of a legendary 2002 comedy special moment to signal his readiness to get back on stage. The clip shows Foxx doing hilarious musical impressions like Prince singing The Brady Bunch theme song.

“PRINCE singing the Brady Bunch theme song was a moment,” Foxx captioned the clip. “I’m planning on bringing more moments. Going to get on somebody’s stage somewhere near you. I got some jokes and a story to tell…”

Before becoming an A-list dramatic film star, Foxx first rose to fame as a stand-up comic on the 90s sketch series In Living Color and starred in three riotous 90s/early 2000s comedy specials. His Instagram announcement reveals Jamie now feels inspired to return to those roots.

Hints at Revisiting Stand-Up Career

While he gained renown as an Oscar-winning actor starring in hits like Ray and Django Unchained, Jamie Foxx burst onto the scene utilizing his comedic timing and impersonation mastery.

Fans responding enthusiastically to Foxx’s throwback show-stopping Prince bit indicates a hearty appetite exists for the multifaceted performer flexing those funny muscles again on a wider scale. And Jamie feels compelled to deliver more humorous “moments” based on the life perspective he’s gained over his varied career.

If Foxx’s Instagram post is any indication, audiences should prepare for the iconic comic to announce a full-fledged comeback tour featuring his signature blend of improv, impersonations, and sociocultural commentary. It seems Jamie’s comedy juices are flowing enough to warrant hitting the road to connect with fans craving his unrestrained wit.

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