Jennifer Lawrence Finally Sets the Record Straight on Her Infamous Oscar Falls

Jennifer Lawrence Finally Sets the Record Straight on Her Infamous Oscar Falls

Jennifer Lawrence Finally Sets the Record Straight on Her Infamous Oscar Falls

The Award-Winning Actress Addresses

Jennifer Lawrence has become almost as famous for her embarrassing falls at the Oscars as she has for her acclaimed acting roles. At the 2024 Academy Awards, the Hunger Games star finally addressed the tumbles head-on when asked for tips on “how not to fall up the stairs.”

Jennifer Lawrence’s First Oscar Fall in 2013

It all started at the 2013 Oscars when a visibly nervous Jennifer Lawrence tripped on her voluminous gown while ascending the stairs to accept her Best Actress award for Silver Linings Playbook. The relatable moment quickly went viral, cementing her self-deprecating, girl-next-door image.

“Well, yeah, just don’t do that,” she quipped about her first fall when asked this year. Jennifer Lawrence had previously explained she was incredibly anxious and didn’t want to “acknowledge the possibility” of winning.

The Second Fall Fueled “Fake” Rumors

Just one year later at the 2014 Oscars, Jennifer Lawrence fell again – this time on the red carpet. This second tumble raised suspicions that the actress was pulling an intentional stunt.

“You know, I fell the next year too. So then it just looked like I 100% faked. Oh, it was awful,” Jennifer Lawrence admitted, shutting down any notion her falls were deliberate attention grabs.

In a 2020 interview, she revealed her mind simply “went blank” from the adrenaline after her name was called as the winner in 2013, causing her to lose her footing.

Embracing Her Clumsiness with Good Humor

While she was clearly embarrassed in those moments, Lawrence has been a good sport about her apparent clumsiness. Her willingness to laugh at herself has only further endeared her to fans worldwide.

The Oscar falls have become such an inextricable part of her public persona that she felt compelled to finally “set the record straight” and confirm – yet again – that she did not fabricate the stumbles.

Whether she trips again or not, Jennifer Lawrence’s self-deprecating humor and relatability will likely keep her one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors for years to come.

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