Kate Middleton and Prince William Show United Front in First Joint Statement Since Princess' Surgery

Kate Middleton and Prince William Show United Front in First Joint Statement Since Princess’ Surgery

Kate Middleton and Prince William Show United Front in First Joint Statement Since Princess' Surgery, image by People

Kate Middleton and Prince William,

Kate Middleton, now Princess of Wales after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, and her husband Prince William recently released their first official joint statement since Kate’s abdominal surgery last month. The statement, shared on the couple’s social media channels, offered well-wishes for St David’s Day and highlighted their military appointments.

Kate Middleton was Appointed Colonel-in-Chief Last August is currently Recovering from Surgery

Last August, King Charles III appointed Kate Middleton as the Colonel-in-Chief of the 1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards. This statement marked the first time Kate and William have addressed their military roles since before Kate’s surgery.

Per previous statements from Kensington Palace, Kate is currently recovering after a planned abdominal surgery related to acute morning sickness last month. The Palace indicated they would not provide further updates unless significant changes occur in Kate’s health journey.

Joint Statement Wishes Wales Happy St David’s Day

The joint statement from Kate and William reads: “Proud to be Colonel and Colonel-in-Chief of the Welsh Guards and 1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards. Happy St David’s Day!”

St David is the patron saint of Wales, making March 1st St David’s Day. As Prince and Princess of Wales, William and Kate likely wanted to share well-wishes with the people of Wales on this celebratory day.

Prince William was Appointed Colonel of the Welsh Guards in December 2022

In addition to Kate’s appointment as Colonel-in-Chief last year, Prince William became Colonel of the Welsh Guards in December 2022. This occurred just months after William and Kate took on their new titles following Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

The joint statement and accompanying video showed Kate and William’s united front amid Kate’s recovery. As future King and Queen consort, it is meaningful for them to honor their military appointments and connect with the people of Wales even during challenging times.

Palace Recently Stated They Would Not Provide Kate with Health Updates Unless the Situation Changes

A day before this joint statement, Kensington Palace reinforced that they would not provide health updates about Kate’s condition unless circumstances significantly changed. The initial guidance after her surgery indicated recovery timelines, which the Palace is still following.

By making a joint statement honoring their military roles, William and Kate demonstrate their commitment to duty despite personal challenges. This illustrates their dedication as future monarchs and consort to represent the Crown dutifully no matter the circumstances.

The joint statement shows William and Kate’s strength as a unified couple ready to take on the demands of leadership, all while supporting each other when health issues arise. Their message wishing Wales a happy St David’s Day further connects them to the people they will one day rule. Despite Kate’s surgery and recovery, this statement proves the future King and Queen continue serving the Crown and country.

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