Kendall and Devin Rekindled Romance: Taking Things Slow

Kendall and Devin Rekindled Romance: Taking Things Slow

Kendall and Devin Rekindled Romance: Taking Things Slow

Kendall and Devin’s

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker have reportedly rekindled their romance two months after calling it quits. Sources close to the supermodel and NBA star revealed that the two are “actively speaking and meeting up” but are taking things slowly as they figure things out.

The reconciliation comes on the heels of Jenner’s brief fling with Bad Bunny shortly after her split from Booker. While that romance quickly fizzled, it seems Jenner and Booker’s spark was still alive. Though their split was amicable, sources say they have always nurtured feelings for one another. Now they are nurturing those feelings once more.

Family Supportive of the Reunion

Jenner’s famous family is said to be supportive of the reconciliation. They have always spoken highly of Booker and appreciated how respectfully he treated Jenner. Though momager Kris Jenner prefers her daughters to date athletes, the support seems to stem from Booker’s good character rather than his career path.

The two are reportedly not rushing to put a label on things just yet. They remain close but not exactly exclusive as they figure things out. Sources say they want to avoid moving too fast too soon and wind up in the same spot that led to their initial split.

Keeping Things Under Wraps

Unlike his predecessor Bad Bunny, Booker has always preferred to keep his romance with Jenner out of the spotlight. While Jenner would occasionally share glimpses of Booker on social media, they largely kept things private. Sources say they aim to continue that approach and will not be making any big public declarations about their rekindled romance anytime soon.

Jenner likewise tends to play coy when discussions turn to her dating life during interviews. She remains vague about relationship statuses and typically does not mention paramours by name. That air of mystery around her love life will likely continue even as she and Booker progress.

The two seem intent on nurturing their revived relationship away from prying eyes. Sources say Jenner especially does not want the increased scrutiny and pressure that comes with making a big show of their reconciliation. Only time will tell whether this secretive approach pays off or whether Jenner and Booker’s revived relationship manages to go the distance.

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