Kristen Stewart Discloses Unexpected Career Path

Kristen Stewart Discloses Unexpected Career Path

Kristen Stewart Discloses Unexpected Career Path

Kristen Stewart’s Surprising Non-Acting Career Choice

In a candid interview with PEOPLE during the premiere of her upcoming film “Love Lies Bleeding” in Los Angeles on March 5, 2024, Kristen Stewart revealed the unexpected career path she might have pursued if acting hadn’t panned out catering.

Kristen Stewart’s Culinary Talents.

“Yeah, I think if I wasn’t an actor, I’d probably be a caterer. Keep the set running,” the 33-year-old actress confessed, showcasing her passion for cooking and her ability to multitask in the demanding world of filmmaking.

Kristen Stewart’s Culinary Prowess,

While some might have a signature dish they’re known for, Stewart’s culinary skills are far more versatile. “I cook all the time. People who don’t cook say, ‘Oh, I make that one thing.’ I’m like. I will make it for you,'” she boldly stated, leaving no doubt about her confidence in the kitchen.

Kristen Stewart’s Cooking for Cast and Crew

Stewart’s co-star in “Love Lies Bleeding,” Katy M. O’Brian, further substantiated the actress’s culinary talents, revealing that Stewart would often cook and bake for the cast and crew during the film’s production.

Multifaceted Talent,

As Kristen Stewart continues to captivate audiences with her powerful performances on the big screen, her unexpected passion for catering and cooking adds yet another layer to her multifaceted talents. Whether crafting a compelling character or whipping up a delectable dish, Stewart’s dedication and versatility shine through.


While her acting career continues to soar to new heights, Kristen Stewart’s revelation about her potential catering aspirations offers a delightful glimpse into her versatile talents and passions. Whether gracing the silver screen or the kitchen, Stewart’s commitment to excellence and willingness to explore new avenues make her a truly captivating figure in the entertainment industry and beyond.

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