Kristen Stewart Gets Candid: Her Refreshing Take on Filming Intimate Scenes for "Love Lies Bleeding"

Kristen Stewart Gets Candid: Her Refreshing Take on Filming Intimate Scenes for “Love Lies Bleeding”

Kristen Stewart Gets Candid: Her Refreshing Take on Filming Intimate Scenes for "Love Lies Bleeding"

Kristen Stewart has never been one to mince words, and the outspoken actress is making headlines again with her bold opinions on filming intimate moments for her highly-anticipated new film “Love Lies Bleeding.” Kristen Stewart fearless candor and commitment to authenticity are exactly what fans have come to expect from the uncompromising star.

Kristen Stewart Slams “Simulated” Love Scenes as Inauthentic

In her cover story for Them magazine, the 33-year-old “Twilight” alum dished on why she has no patience for the tried-and-true Hollywood practice of faking it when it comes to filming sex scenes. As Kristen Stewart bluntly declared:

“It’s not about showing simulated scenes on film. I’m so embarrassed by that. I’m so sick of watching it. I’m so sick of doing it.”

For an actress so devoted to grounding her performances in visceral truth, it’s no surprise that Kristen would take issue with the inherent falseness of simulating those most intimate of acts. Why settle for pantomime when real passion and intensity is the goal?

Kristen Stewart and Co-Star’s Intense Creative Connection for “Love Lies Bleeding

That commitment to authenticity is precisely what Kristen Stewart aimed to capture in the intense romantic scenes with her “Love Lies Bleeding” co-star Katy O’Brian. According to the always candid KStew, the intimacy between the two was fueled by a deep creative connection and unspoken communication.

“The ways that you let the person you’re with either take over or be consumed. Those were choices, and they were very articulate, yet nonverbal decisions that we made together,” Kristen explained of the boundary-pushing lovemaking depicted in the film.

As for how she and O’Brian were able to tap into that raw, visceral energy, Kristen Stewart offered a tantalizing hint about the power of words, fantasy, and imagination:

“You could almost take the body out of it. You could tell me the right thing, and that’s what’s going to get me there. Tell me I am something to you. Tell me I can be taller than you, even though I’m 5’5, and you’re 5’10, and I’m there.”

Kristen Keeps It Real for “Love Lies Bleeding”

With “Love Lies Bleeding” already generating hot buzz and potentially controversial talking points over its steamy content, leave it to the infinitely cool Kristen Stewart to distill the discourse down to what truly matters: honest passion and a willingness to lay bare our most intimate vulnerabilities in pursuit of vital, meaningful art.

By eschewing the safety of conventionally simulated love scenes in favor of something richer, rawer, and more authentically human, Kristen is once again elevating her craft and daring audiences to reconnect with the messy complexities that make us real. And as for faking it? Well, as Kristen Stewart herself articulated so perfectly: “I’m so sick of doing it.”

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