Lebanon border of Israel Multiple fires have been seen

Lebanon border of Israel Multiple fires have been seen

Lebanon border of Israel

This report is from the Lebanese side of the Israel-Lebanon border.

Because multiple fires have been seen on Lebanon’s border with Israel. The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon says that they are burning near minefields and that they are caused by fighting between the Israeli army and the Lebanese armed group. Hezbollah Un. Firefighters are at the scene. Israel’s military says at least seven soldiers have been killed.

Israeli strikes are being blamed for the wildfires that have been raging along several kilometers of the border with Israel. According to the United Nations peacekeeping force, the fires are now under control but we have seen this in the past.

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This is not the first conflict or first war.

If like between the Israeli army and Hezbollah in previous rounds, the Israeli military targets bushes, trees causes fires so that Hezbollah has no place to hide so that their fighters cannot approach the border cannot launch attacks from those areas or launch any possible incursions into northern Israel.

So this is definitely a tactic because what both sides have been trying to do is blind each other. About days ago, Hezbollah said that it has been destroying surveillance cameras along the border on Israeli military positions so that they cannot see. So the Israelis cannot see their movements along the border. And that’s why we have seen Israel use drones, drones are in the skies 24 hours a day.

And really that has made it quite difficult for Hezbollah to operate.

It has suffered quite a number of casual, nearly 50 in the past three weeks because they are operating in open territory and because drone surveillance drones are in the sky. But in the past 24 hours, we haven’t seen any Hezbollah attack, at least no claim of responsibility, which could be an indication that the group is reassessing and seeing why they are taking these casualties and may come up with a new strategy.

The big question for Hezbollah is, and that has been the big question since October 7 is whether they decide to join a full-scale war against Israel. Now, they’ve been keeping their cards close to their chest when it comes to that question. But do we know anything more about Hezbollah’s intentions?

I uh well, they say that they are ready for any possibility

and that they are in the heart of the battle, but they also say we will not reveal what our next step will be but it will depend on the events or the developments on the ground in Gaza. A top-ranking Hezbollah official has made it clear to us, that Gaza will not fall. Now, the question is when and for how long can Hamas sustain attacks against the Israeli army?

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Maybe then Hezbollah will decide,

to take its strategic considerations into consideration its strategy because, at the end of the day, it will launch a full-blown military conflict with the Israeli army. Yes, it is a much stronger force than it was in 2006. According to Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah, he boasts of a force of 100,000 fighters. He also says that he has position-guided missiles that can hit anywhere in Israel but is an advanced army. It has air superiority and it can target areas where Hezbollah’s supporters live, putting pressure on the armed group. We saw that happen in 2006. And also this is a country where people are suffering because of an economic crisis.

Many of these people have nowhere to go and even to rent homes. So the situation is a very difficult decision for Hezbollah, but it has said Gaza will not fall

This report is from the Lebanese side of the Israel-Lebanon border.

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