Meghan Markle Seeks New Identity Beyond "Prince Harry Plus One"

Meghan Markle Seeks New Identity Beyond “Prince Harry Plus One”

Meghan Markle Seeks New Identity Beyond "Prince Harry Plus One"

Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle strives to establish her own identity rather than just being known as “Prince Harry’s plus one,” says body language expert Judi James. The Duchess of Sussex recently accompanied her royal husband to Canada for an Invictus Games event. There, her mindset of wanting recognition separate from Harry was on display.

Supportive Spouse Seeks Own Spotlight

Analyzing Meghan Markle’s body language, James told The Mirror: “Meghan’s body language shows her to be super-supportive and encouraging, clearly wanting to be more than Harry’s ‘plus one’ here.” For instance, when Harry crouched to chat with athletes, Meghan also crouched alongside him rather than standing apart,

“Her head is close to his and her reactions mirror his during the chats, showing her to be sharing the conversations with her husband rather than doing her own thing,” the expert described. This supportive posture reveals Meghan’s desire to be an active participant rather than a secondary one.

Rebuffed Hug Signals Meghan Markle Autonomy

One particular moment stood out to James: “Meghan Markle is in support and congratulatory mode again, walking into the shot with both hands held out in a proffered hug. Harry keeps his safety helmet in his hands though, signaling a decline of the hug, while he continues chatting to the guy next to him.

Harry’s dismissal of Meghan Markle’s public embrace highlights her attempts to step out of his shadow. Though ever the doting wife, the Duchess wants the world to see her as more than just the Prince’s spouse.

Seeking Own Identity Post-Royal Exit

Since resigning from royal duties with Harry in 2020, Meghan Markle has focused extensively on launching her initiatives like the Archewell Foundation and Spotify podcast. Through purpose-driven work focused on issues she’s passionate about, Meghan continues gradually defining her unique public role,

While still loyally supporting Harry’s causes like the Invictus Games, the Duchess also strives to be recognized as an accomplished woman in her own right. Her body language hints she is tired of being viewed as a secondary “+” to her famous husband. Though finding her independent identity remains an ongoing journey, Meghan Markle shows persistence in stepping into her spotlight beyond being royalty.

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