This Is The record? María Becerra posed for six magazine covers (2023)

This Is The record? María Becerra posed for six magazine covers (2023)


The singer starred on the covers of well-known publications in December.

María Becerra is increasing her popularity day by day, becoming one of the most listened-to artists worldwide in the urban genre. Her talent crossed borders long ago, collaborating with some of the most historic names in music, establishing her name in one of the most competitive music industries.

María Becerra’s December Magazine Cover Extravaganza

Now, on her Instagram account, the artist shared a summary of all the magazine covers she could do in December. In total, María appeared on the covers of Billboard, Pronto, Rolling Stone, Revista Ohlala, Gente, and Viva. Undoubtedly, the singer had a month filled with photo shoots and interviews.

María Becerra’s Cover Story Acknowledgments on Instagram

In the post, María Becerra wrote, “We broke those covers. Thanks, Billboard, Rolling Stone, Revista Ohlala, Viva, Pronto, and Gente for choosing me to be on the cover of your magazines this month. Thanks to each of the people who were part of these productions to achieve these great photos and tremendous articles.

Quickly, the post was filled with positive comments and congratulations from her followers. Currently, the famous artist has almost fourteen million fans on her Instagram profile, with each update on the platform gaining significant attention and many likes per photo.

María Becerra is wrapping up 2023 in a fantastic way. In addition to the magazine covers, she adds to her achievements on Spotify, becoming the most listened-to artist in Argentina, securing the top spot for the third consecutive year. Becerra surpassed relevant personalities both nationally and internationally.

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