Pedro Pascal Gets Emotional in SAG Awards Speech for The Last of Us

Pedro Pascal Gets Emotional in SAG Awards Speech for The Last of Us

Pedro Pascal Gets Emotional in SAG Awards Speech for The Last of Us

Pedro Pascal.

Pedro Pascal took home the trophy for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series at the 2024 SAG Awards. His acclaimed role as Joel in HBO’s hit series The Last of Us earned him the honor. In his acceptance speech, an emotional Pedro Pascal expressed gratitude, dropped f-bombs, and nearly had a “panic attack.”

An Overwhelmed Winner

Pedro Pascal began by admitting he felt the win was “wrong, for several reasons.” Sounding overwhelmed, he explained, “I’m a little drunk. I thought I could get drunk.”

Despite feeling out of sorts, he made sure to thank HBO and call the award an “incredible f—ing honor.” Pedro Pascal balanced his signature charm and self-deprecation as he accepted the career-defining accolade.

Swearing Thanks to Netflix

Clad in his trademark casual-chic style, Pedro Pascal continued his amusing speech by justifying his swear words. “This is on Netflix,” he joked since the ceremony aired on the streaming platform.

Pedro Pascal then sincerely thanked his family, though his voice began to quiver with emotion. “I’m going to have a panic attack, and I’m going to leave,” he concluded, tearing up.

Breakthrough Role on The Last of Us

While no stranger to acclaimed TV roles like Game of Thrones, Pascal reached new heights with his nuanced performance on The Last of Us. As gruff survivor Joel, he conveys both darkness and heart, winning over viewers and critics.

Despite being a celebrated actor, Pascal was overwhelmed by earning SAG’s top drama prize for his career-defining work on the post-apocalyptic series. His hilarious yet moving speech reflected the gravitas of the honor.

Relatable Star Struggles With Emotion

Seeing Pedro Pascal nearly brought to tears reminded viewers of his genuineness beneath the fame. His endearing acceptance speech proved stars are just like us – struggling to find words when a long-awaited dream comes true.

Pascal’s natural charm and vulnerability only further earned him a place in viewers’ hearts. While a remarkable actor, in that moment, he was simply a man processing a monumental triumph.

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