Raquel Leviss Furious Over Tom Sandoval Revealing Comments

Raquel Leviss Furious Over Tom Sandoval Revealing Comments

Raquel Leviss Furious Over Tom Sandoval's Revealing Comments

Raquel Leviss Furious Over Tom Sandoval’s Revealing Comments

A fiery confrontation is brewing between exes Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval over some shocking allegations Sandoval recently made. Leviss is lashing out over Sandoval airing extremely private details about their past relationship struggles to the public.

“Suicide Pact”?

In Leviss’ recent podcast, she called out Sandoval for claiming the two had discussed a possible “suicide pact” when their relationship dissolved. “He made it seem like we had a suicide pact like it was some sort of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ love story. That angered me,” Leviss fumed.

She was referring to prior comments Sandoval made about calling Leviss as she dealt with immense grief over their breakup. As he described it, “I was on the phone with Rachel and debating on ******* killing ourselves.”

Accusations of Boundary Crossing

Leviss doubled down on her outrage over Sandoval, exposing her emotional state. “He crossed a boundary when he told the world about my personal, emotional turmoil,” she emphasized.

“It is not OK for somebody else to tell other people that they have expressed feelings of not wanting to live anymore,” Leviss continued. She seemed shocked that he would share such intimate details from their private conversation.

“It was like, ‘Whoa, why are you talking about this personal information that was privy to only your ears?'” an incensed Leviss pointedly stated.

Cracks in a Rocky Relationship

As fans know, Leviss and Sandoval ended their long romance in 2021. And in the aftermath, clearly, wounds still run deep over perceived betrayals. This latest war of words shows trust has degraded completely between the volatile ex-couple.

With accusations of overstepping bounds flying, things may only spiral further. Could a sincere apology salvage Leviss and Sandoval’s tattered remains of a relationship? Or is this the definitive end for the formerly affianced pair? Only time will tell whether cooler heads prevail.

Raquel Leviss Furious Over Tom Sandoval Revealing Comments

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