Rebecca Ferguson Craved a Rogue Fate for Ilsa Faust

Rebecca Ferguson Craved a Rogue Fate for Ilsa Faust

Rebecca Ferguson Craved a Rogue Fate for Ilsa Faust

Rebecca Ferguson

After bidding farewell in the latest Mission: Impossible installment, Rebecca Ferguson shared she wished for a more villainous end to her character Ilsa Faust. Rather than the heroic sacrifice portrayed on screen, the actress hungered for Faust to fully embrace her dark side.

Seeking a Sinister Spin

“I want her to go rogue. I’m interested in the dark side, I don’t want to be a team member, I’m not interested in that,” Rebecca Ferguson told Entertainment Tonight. Having played the complex double agent across multiple films, she felt Faust’s arc naturally progressed towards an unlawful twist. But the character’s climatic death proved too morally upright for her taste.

“And I felt like that was where we were headed,” Rebecca Ferguson said, believing the groundwork existed for Faust to abandon Ethan Hunt’s IMF team for good. Alas, her redemption arc ended in a blaze of glory protecting innocents instead.

The All-Consuming Commitment of Mission

While grateful for the opportunities afforded by the action franchise, Rebecca Ferguson also acknowledged the grueling dedication required. “It takes a long time to make Mission too. It is blood, sweat, and tears,” she noted.

Having spent significant time embroiled in intricate stunts and chaotic shoots, Rebecca Ferguson seemed ready to explore new creative avenues. “Since I finished, I’ve done a TV show and two movies, and they’re still doing [the same] Mission,” she remarked with good-natured exhaustion.

But for all the physical exertion, Rebecca Ferguson retains immense appreciation for the experience. “It’s amazing, and McQ [Christopher McQuarrie] and Tom [Cruise] wrote this incredible character,” she said.

The Last Word on Ilsa Faust

While Rebecca Rebecca Ferguson may have craved a more sinister, unrestrained conclusion to Ilsa Faust’s arc, the actress ultimately gave her all in service of McQuarrie’s vision. Judging by the fans’ intense response, Faust’s courageous sacrifice made for an impactful, fitting farewell. Rogue or not, Ferguson’s portrayal will remain one of Mission: Impossible’s most compelling characters.

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