Rebecca Jarvis Describes Her Happy and Sad Pregnancy Journey

Rebecca Jarvis Describes Her Happy and Sad Pregnancy Journey

Rebecca Jarvis talks candidly about the challenges she had during her pregnancy and the birth of Leo, her second child.

Rebecca Jarvis,

who experienced several miscarriages, is now a mother of a boy born through surrogacy. The bittersweet journey was shared by the ABC journalist during her appearance on Good Morning America.

The year-old gave an explanation of her complex medical conditions, including the inability to finish her trimesters.

Two years ago,

we had just experienced another miscarriage in the IVF journey, and that catalyzed the search for another route, said the reporter.

And so we had attempted to climb that mountain too many times unsuccessfully and determined that together we would try a different path, she continued.

I had recently lost a five-month pregnancy. We turned to face our physicians and asked, What should we do? This continues to occur. Furthermore, it’s impossible to predict if we will succeed. The mother of two went on, “Whether I can maintain a successful pregnancy.

The couple decided on surrogacy while sharing the advice of medical professionals. And our physicians advised us that surrogacy was the best course of action, the journalist recalled. “That was hard to hear.

In 2012, Rebecca and Matthew Hanson exchanged vows. The pair has two children together.

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