Rosamund Pike Dishes on Wild New Film Saltburn at BAFTA Tea Party

Rosamund Pike Dishes on Wild New Film Saltburn at BAFTA Tea Party

Rosamund Pike Dishes on Wild New Film Saltburn at BAFTA Tea Party

At this year’s BAFTA Tea Party in Beverly Hills, acclaimed actress Rosamund Pike turned heads in a dazzling dress that complemented her newly blonde locks. She was there to celebrate her gritty new thriller Saltburn, which puts a twisted spin on the Gothic fantasy genre. On the red carpet, Pike sat down to discuss what drew her to such an unconventionally bold script.

Right off the bat, Rosamund Pike describes Saltburn’s screenplay as one of the wildest she’s encountered in her prolific career. She says that at first, it seemed like a clever update on Rebecca, the Gothic romance by Daphne du Maurier. But it quickly took on its own uniquely dark identity that subverts expectations. According to Pike, the film delves into complex emotions like obsession and desire that many shy away from exploring honestly.

Rosamund Pike Dishes on Wild New Film Saltburn at BAFTA Tea Party

Pike praises her director Leah Purdy for facing such psychologically thorny themes head-on without flinching. Purdy is able to spotlight oft-concealed facets of human nature through the character of Elisabeth, played enthrallingly by Pike herself. Describing Elisabeth as living under a great deal of delusion regarding her own identity, Pike hints at intriguing duplicity within the role.

When asked about Elisabeth’s tendency for uproariously meme-able quotes, Pike admits they sprung organically from how the character spoke to her on the page. Some characters simply come to her fully formed vocally in her head, possessing voices distinct from her own. Both Saltburn’s Elisabeth and Gone Girl’s iconic Amy Dunne stood out this way during first readings.

Intriguingly, Pike doesn’t consciously consider making lines quote-worthy when embodying these vivid roles. The writing inspires her performance, not public reaction goals. Still, she’s flattered by the attention focused on Elisabeth’s melodramatic musings this awards season. Pike insists she played the part as authentically as possible without dreaming lines would ever achieve such viral notoriety months later.

Rosamund Pike
Rosamund Pike, Image by GoldDerby / Gold Derby

When asked what guidance she’d offer first-time Oscar nominees navigating a frenzied campaign gauntlet, Pike reflects on her experience promoting Gone Girl while parenting a newborn. She suggests not taking the pageantry too seriously, as focusing on her baby gave her necessary perspective during the whirlwind. Award seasons come with inherent tensions, but remembering what truly matters can provide mindful grounding.

Additionally, Pike emphasizes embracing the fun side of promotions through all demanded appearances. Awards honor outstanding achievements, but accolades shouldn’t distract from the greater rewards of creative careers themselves. As actors, the play is the thing – the work holds deeper meaning than trophies. So rather than get caught up in stiff competition, Pike recommends contenders enjoy the ride of such hard-won moments in the spotlight.

Rosamund Pike, Saltburn
Rosamund Pike, Saltburn, Image by GoldDerby / Gold Derby

With sly wit and wisdom from over twenty years in the industry, Rosamund Pike offers rare insight into her unconventional career. She also teases the psychosexual depths plumbed in upcoming indie release Saltburn, helmed by breakthrough director Leah Purdy. Their daring collaboration is already spurring Oscar chatter for Pike’s committed performance as an obsessive antiheroine.

If her compelling anecdotes are any evidence, Pike will surely breathe colorful life into Elisabeth’s layered complexities. Audiences anticipating this hauntingly innovative film should brace for impact – if Pike has her captivating way, nobody will ever forget Saltburn ‘scandalous’ leading lady.

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