Scammers Exploit Matthew Perry Death to Steal Donations

Scammers Exploit Matthew Perry Death to Steal Donations

Scammers Exploit Matthew Perry Death to Steal Donations

Matthew Perry

In the wake of actor Matthew Perry recent passing, online scammers have hacked his social media accounts to improperly solicit donations. The Matthew Perry Foundation confirmed that hackers are redirecting users to fake websites to steal cryptocurrency payments.

Matthew Perry Foundation Account Hijacked

After Perry died in October 2022, his foundation created social media profiles to collect charitable contributions honoring the late “Friends” star. However, hackers managed to compromise Perry’s verified account and change the donation link in his pinned post.

The fraudulent site prompts visitors to give money in cryptocurrency rather than legitimate ways. In response, the foundation issued a statement reading: “We have received reports that Matthew’s official [social media] page has been hacked and is directing users to a fraudulent site soliciting donations via cryptocurrency.”

Only Real Website Accepting Donations

To combat the scammers, the Matthew Perry Foundation clarified that “ is the only website associated with the Foundation, and we are only accepting donations through this site.” They also identified their singular “official Matthew Perry Foundation Instagram account.

The post pleaded for the public to “report imposter accounts, and do not submit donations through any channel other than” Unfortunately, convincing fakes still exploit Perry’s fame.

Preventing Future Cyber Exploitation

By catching these hackers early, hopefully, further cybersecurity measures can prevent additional fraud through Perry’s accounts. However, his vast popularity makes stopping all imitation profiles impossible.

Fans should carefully vet all supposed online fundraising efforts for the deceased actor to avoid being scammed. Criminals will likely continue trying to financially capitalize on his enduring reputation.

Staying Vigilant Against Fraud

The Matthew Perry Foundation faces an uphill battle to honor the late star while blocking cyber thieves from misusing his influential brand. It’s unfortunately inevitable that scammers will craft more false donation channels pretending to support Perry’s legacy. Fans must stay guarded when giving.

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