Selena and Emily Blunt Take Golden Globes Banter Viral

Selena and Emily Blunt Take Golden Globes Banter Viral

Selena and Emily Blunt Take Golden Globes Banter Viral, image by bing

Selena and Emily Take Golden Globes Banter Viral

One of the biggest viral moments from the 2023 Golden Globe Awards came courtesy of Selena Gomez and Emily Blunt’s playful table banter. As host Jerrod Carmichael cracked jokes onstage, eagle-eyed viewers noticed Gomez and Blunt whispering back and forth, lipsynching along to his routine in amusing fashion. Their brief exchange instantly went memetic, resonating as a GIF-able high point from an otherwise lukewarm Globes telecast.

And clearly the pair were well aware of their social media breakout status following the ceremony. This week, Gomez took to Instagram to share a photo with Blunt backstage at the Globes, cheekily nodding to the viral lip-reading hype. Both sporting big smiles and exaggerated lip puckers, the good-natured jab shows the actresses reveling in the unexpected meme-ification of their innocent awards show goofiness.

Relatable Red Carpet Moment

While Gomez attended the Golden Globes as only a presenter and Blunt as a nominee for her work in The English, their impromptu interaction won the night for many viewers. The candid moment perfectly captured the innate absurdity and tension behind Hollywood’s self-congratulatory awards cycle from the outside looking in. Stars like Gomez and Blunt might grace glittering red carpets and ceremony halls regularly, but their brief spirited mockery of host Carmichael broke the facade. And the pure relatable humanity of friends whisper-giggling their way through tedious speeches clearly resonated universally based on viral traction.

Indeed, the image of multimillionaire celebrities essentially livetweeting award proceedings like any at-home viewer tickled the Internet’s funny bone. And Gomez and Blunt have happily stoked the viral fires since by spotlighting fan tributes to their accidental comedy bit. For an award show seeking renewed relevance after recent turmoil, this single spontaneous interaction gave the Globes more cultural juice than scripted prestige likely could.

Gomez and Blunt Level Up to Viral Icon Status

Both Selena Gomez and Emily Blunt find themselves vaulted to new viral fame heights in 2023 thanks to their Globes lip-syncing moment. For singer and actress Gomez, the added online glory only cements her reign as one of this generation’s defining multimedia icons across film, music and celebrity influence. Her Only Murders in the Building Hulu series also racked up viral kudos and Emmy love this past year.

Meanwhile, Emily Blunt’s profile and memetic prowess receives an added boost on the heels of 2022 horror hit The Quiet Place blockbuster sequel. After years anchoring her share of acclaimed dramas and thrillers, her increased association with online viral humor adds refreshing comedic dimensions to public perceptions of the British thespian.

And based on their continued cheeky nods toward the Globes lip-sync craze, neither Gomez nor Blunt seems likely to let their viral meme spotlight fade any time soon. If their ongoing online interplay and willingness to poke fun at themselves proves any indication, these newly minted awards show GIF icons will milk their accidental comedy brilliance for all its worth in the months ahead.

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