Shakira Candid Confession: "I Used to Suck" at Singing Her Old Songs

Shakira Candid Confession: “I Used to Suck” at Singing Her Old Songs

Shakira Candid Confession: "I Used to Suck" at Singing Her Old Songs

Shakira Candid Confession,

In a surprising admission, global superstar Shakira has revealed that she wasn’t always a fan of her music, particularly her earlier works. The Colombian singer-songwriter, known for hits like “Hips Don’t Lie” and “Whenever, Wherever,” opened up about her musical evolution in a recent interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1.

Harsh Self-Critique

During the candid conversation, Shakira reflected on her upcoming album, “Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran,” and how far she has come as an artist. Despite her immense success and loyal fanbase, the 47-year-old pop star admitted that she used to think her music “sucked.”

“I feel that my voice keeps changing over the years, and I tell my sons [Milan, aged 11, and Sasha, aged 9] that I sometimes listen to some music of mine with them. Not on purpose, but it just happens, you know, maybe some songs come out on the playlist or on the radio or whatever,” Shakira shared. “I say, I used to suck. But, I think I’ve evolved. I like myself much better now as an artist, but that’s only me.”

Credible Voice in the Music Industry

Shakira’s candid self-reflection carries significant weight, as she is a highly respected and accomplished artist in the music industry. With numerous Grammy Awards and a devoted global fanbase, her perspective offers a rare and authentic glimpse into the mindset of a successful musician.

Acknowledging Her Early Successes

Despite her harsh self-critique, Shakira did acknowledge that her early hits, such as “Ciega,” “Sordomuda,” and “Ojos Así” in the 1990s, helped establish her loyal fanbase. “Some of my fans probably like me better in some other stages of my artistic life. But I do think that I have evolved and my voice has changed so much,” the “Hips Don’t Lie” crooner admitted.

Refreshing Dose of Humility

Shakira’s willingness to openly discuss her perceived shortcomings as a younger artist is refreshingly humble, especially for someone of her stature in the music industry. Her candid confession not only demonstrates her self-awareness but also highlights her commitment to continual growth and improvement as a performer.

In conclusion, Shakira’s shocking confession about her old songs provides a rare and authentic glimpse into the mindset of a global superstar. Her candid self-reflection, delivered with humility and self-awareness, serves as a reminder that even the most successful artists are constantly striving to evolve and improve their craft.

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