Shane Gillis Pokes Fun at SNL Firing During Hosting Debut

Shane Gillis Pokes Fun at SNL Firing During Hosting Debut

Shane Gillis Pokes Fun at SNL Firing During Hosting Debut, image credit google

Shane Gillis Pokes Fun at SNL Firing During Hosting Debut

Comedian Shane Gillis made his hosting debut on Saturday Night Live’s February 25th episode, five years after he was dismissed from the show over past racist remarks. During his opening monologue, Shane Gillis leaned into the controversy with self-deprecating jokes about his brief SNL tenure.

Long-Awaited Hosting Gig

Gillis finally took the SNL stage as host alongside musical guest 21 Savage. In 2018, Shane Gillis was initially hired as a cast member but quickly let go after offensive comments on his podcast resurfaced.

His hosting invitation now comes after years of re-establishing himself on the stand-up circuit. For Shane Gillis, the gig offered a chance at redemption.

Tongue-in-Cheek References to His Firing

Rather than shying away from his firing, Shane Gillis directly addressed the elephant in the room during his monologue. “I was, I was fired from this show a while ago,” he quipped, encouraging the audience not to Google the details.

The comedian leaned into the awkwardness, joking he “probably shouldn’t be up here” and imagining alternative career paths as a football coach. His self-deprecating tone won over the crowd.

Moving Past Controversy Through Comedy

After being let go from his SNL dream gig, Shane Gillis returned to stand-up comedy where he further pushed boundaries with provocative humor.

By riffing on his SNL debacle, Gillis styled himself as a comedian unwilling to be ‘canceled.’ He appears to have regained his footing.

Earning a Shot at Redemption

Gillis’ hosting slot indicates SNL sees potential in him as a performer, despite his past remarks. While not welcomed back as a cast member, he’s been given an opportunity at redemption.

Now older, Gillis took advantage of the SNL monologue to acknowledge his mistakes with humility. In doing so, he hopefully turned the page on the scandal.

Full Circle SNL Moment

In closing the loop on his controversial SNL past, Shane Gillis proved his talents as a funnyman. His willingness to confront the experience head-on paid off with a well-received monologue.

No longer the newcomer fired before his first show, Gillis made his mark as host. The second chance let him rewrite the SNL story on his terms.

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