Taylor Swift in Brazil: How Fans Prepare for Singers

Taylor Swift in Brazil: How Fans Prepare for Singers

Taylor Swift in Brazil

Taylor Swift’s upcoming shows in Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande, and So Paulo this November brought immense joy to the Brazilian singer’s fans waiting for her long-awaited return trip. In just two weeks, the singer will bring The Eras Tour to fruition.

On November 24th, 25th, and 26th in So Paulo,

On December 18th & 19th of the same year, Taylor will play in Rio de Janeiro. The singer’s fan clubs gathered to catch her off guard during the show.

Taylor Swift Daily, a fan club dedicated to the singer, is run by 20-year-old Laura Santos, who is an advertising and marketing student. She has been a fan of the singer since 2014 and recently made the decision to showcase her work in 2020.

“For 9 years, I’ve been a fan since 2014.” During my time, I watched the Hanna Montana movie with Taylor while also dancing to songs from ‘Red’. While I was still a kid, I can still remember her well from the Xuxa program. I stopped watching TVZ regularly after getting a tablet. The young woman says in an interview that it was this way she became a fan of Taylor.

Taylor Swift in Brazil,
Taylor Swift in Brazil, image credit by/Instagram

After a prolonged wait

The singer’s fans came together to create something special for her trip to Brazil. Laura reports that a group of fans joined the Eras Light Brasil project, which involved using cell phone flashlights to create an image of the Brazilian flag.

Taylor Swift Brasil and the Update Swift Brazil group also prepare for other activities. Showing your complete support for the singer by raising your hands during the song “The Archer.” Her question about who can stay is aimed at making it clear that fans are always supporting the artist.

Additional initiatives involve throwing confetti during the song “Long Live” and receiving calls through music. Among the calls, the most notable ones are the lines in “Delicate” that say “1,2,3 let’s go b*tch”, “you forgive, you forget, but you never let it go” in “Bad Blood”, and “Taylor, we will be fine” on “Anti-Hero”.

Eras Light Brasil first proposed the Brazilian flag, while the others were based on a form created by Update Swift Brazil.

Fans will be able to exchange friendship bracelets with Taylor as part of her special show. The singer’s song You’re on Your Own, Kid” prompted the tradition of wearing “friendship bracelets,

Fans began assembling their own

which were always vibrant and embellished with beads, star symbols, or allusions to other songs or striking portrayals of blonde hair. The plan is to preserve special memories of the singer’s performance, in addition to honoring the show.

Taylor Swift in Brazil
Taylor Swift in Brazil, image credit by/Instagram
While there are no regulations on changing your bracelet,

Laura reveals what she intends to do at the Brazilian shows. I had a plan to create the bracelets. Initially, I created bracelets for myself. Later on, I did it for my Twitter friends and those I am deeply connected with. About 70 bracelets were made by me for my Twitter friends and people. Then, I was geared up to fashion the bracelets for exchange. 50 was a lot, 20 was too much. Therefore, I made 30 bracelets to change daily. There are 90 bracelets in total.

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