Ten Hag's Inspiring Call: Ten Hag urges United to channel the spirit of Charlton

Ten Hag’s Inspiring Call: Ten Hag urges United to channel the spirit of Charlton

Ten Hag's Inspiring Call

Champions League Resumes Amid Mourning for Manchester United Legend Bobby Charlton

The Champions League resumes this Tuesday in Manchester United’s home ground. However, the atmosphere is tinged with sadness as the club mourns the loss of its all-time great, Bobby Charlton.

Charlton, who passed away at the age of 86 on Saturday,

was a survivor of the tragic air crash that occurred in Munich in February 1958. This disaster had a profound impact on the then-English champions, as they were returning from a European Cup game. A decade later, Charlton achieved one of the greatest feats in his career by lifting the European Cup as the captain of a team that had been painstakingly rebuilt by manager Matt Busby,

Ten Hag's Inspiring Call
Ten Hag’s Inspiring Call

who himself had been seriously injured in the Munich crash,

where eight players tragically lost their lives. Charlton continued to contribute to the club’s success, serving as a beloved director on the United board during their European championship victories in 1999 and 2008. These triumphs were under the leadership of another legendary figure,

Scottish manager Alex Ferguson, whom Charlton played a role in bringing to the club.

Ten Hag’s Inspiring Call Ten Hag’s Inspiring Call

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