Victoria Beckham Maintains Bond with Son Ex Mia Regan

Victoria Beckham Maintains Bond with Son Ex Mia Regan

Victoria Beckham Maintains Bond with Son Ex Mia Regan

Victoria Beckham.

Even though Romeo Victoria Beckham and model Mia Regan recently split, fashion designer Victoria Beckham still shares a close friendship with her son’s ex. Sources say Victoria holds no ill feelings toward Mia and aims to continue collaborating.

Romeo and Mia’s Breakup After 5 Years

Per Daily Mail, Romeo Beckham and Mia Regan ended their on-again, off-again five-year relationship around Valentine’s Day. An insider confirmed the couple, who lived together, are “aren’t together at the moment,” with Mia now having “moved out” and staying with her parents.

While their uncoupling occurred fairly quietly, Victoria Beckham reportedly harbors no resentment toward her son’s longtime girlfriend post-breakup.

Victoria Beckham Sympathetic Toward Young Couple

Those near the Beckhams revealed that Victoria Beckham understands fluctuations are expected with young romances. “Victoria gets it, they are a young couple, and of course, the chances are they wouldn’t stay together forever,” the source stated about Victoria’s mindset.

Rather than take sides, the pop icon and fashion mogul aims to remain supportive of both her son and former future daughter-in-law amid their transition.

Preserving Positive Ties with Mia Regan

Furthermore, Victoria Beckham cherishes an independent friendship with model Mia Regan apart from her previous partner status. “They both love fashion and have had some ideas about what they can do together and that still stands,” the insider noted about their creative relationship.

Victoria also doesn’t anticipate awkwardness from adult son Romeo as she continues working with Mia post-breakup. The mature approach bodes well for all.

Shared Vision Endures

No matter the changes in Romeo Beckham’s love life, it seems Mom Victoria won’t let that interfere with her own formed kinship with ex Mia Regan. Their plans to collaborate fashionably apparently will advance unimpeded.

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