Who Is Jutes? Demi Lovato Fiancé in Five Fascinating Facts


Demi Lovato, the acclaimed singer, recently announced her engagement to Jute$, a talented musician. While the world may have just caught wind of their relationship, here are five intriguing things to know about the man who has captured Demi Lovato’s heart.

Music Career and Capitol Records Signing

Jute$, whose real name is yet to be revealed, has made waves in the music industry. Having reportedly signed with Capitol Records, he boasts a significant following of over 90K on Instagram. In August 2022, he dropped “Hollywood Hillbilly,” the lead single from his latest project, and teased fans with a music video. With an independent artist background, Jute$ is carving his niche in the music scene.

Collaborative Genius: Demi Lovato’s Songs

Beyond his solo endeavors, Jute$ has played a pivotal role in Demi Lovato’s music. He disclosed on Instagram that he contributed to writing “Substance,” a track from Demi Lovato 2022 album. Expressing the challenge and excitement of working on Demi’s rock project, Jute$ showcased his versatility and enthusiasm for diverse musical styles. Other notable collaborations include “Happy Ending” and “City of Angels” from Demi Lovato eighth album, Holy Fvck.

Canvas of Tattoos

Jute$ is a walking canvas adorned with a myriad of tattoos. From his arms and hands to his face, his body is a gallery of self-expression. Notable tattoos include a dollar bill, music notes, and the phrase, “Chin up, beautiful.” This artistic inclination adds a unique flair to his personality, reflecting a deep appreciation for body art.

Ever-Changing Hair Palette

One look at Jute$’s social media reveals a penchant for hair experimentation. From blonde to red and pink, his ever-changing hair color reflects a dynamic personality. Complemented by an eclectic collection of hats, including trucker hats, baseball caps, and knit caps, Jute$ exudes a distinctive and ever-evolving style.

Love Story Unveiled: Happy and Healthy Romance

Demi and Jute$ share a blissful and healthy relationship, as revealed by sources close to the couple. Described as a “super great guy,” Jute$ has seamlessly integrated into Demi’s life. This love story, which began in early 2023, stands in contrast to Demi’s previous engagement to Max Ehrich in 2020. The couple’s public expressions of affection on social media and interviews attest to the authenticity of their connection.


In conclusion, Jute$ is not just Demi Lovato’s fiancé; he’s a multifaceted artist, a collaborator in Demi’s musical journey, a walking work of art, a style icon, and a partner in a truly happy and healthy romance. As they embark on their journey towards marriage, fans eagerly await more glimpses into the life of the man who has captured Demi’s heart.

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