Year Before His Death, Matthew Perry Wrote About Ketamine Hollywood Life

Year Before His Death, Matthew Perry Wrote About Ketamine Hollywood Life



In a poignant revelation from his 2022 memoir, ‘Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing,’ Matthew Perry opened up about his encounters with ketamine, a drug that eventually played a role in his tragic death at the age of 54 in October. This article delves into Perry’s candid confessions, shedding light on his views on ketamine, its effects, and the circumstances leading to the beloved actor’s untimely demise.

Matthew Perry’s Ketamine Confession

In his memoir, Perry shared intimate details about the treatments he underwent, utilizing ketamine as a means to alleviate pain and combat depression. He described ketamine as having his “name written all over it,” highlighting its synthetic evolution from a popular street drug in the 1980s to a modern therapeutic option.

The “Giant Exhale” of Ketamine

Perry portrayed ketamine as a “giant exhale,” a profound experience that induced a state of dissociation during treatment. Despite acknowledging feeling like he was “dying” at times during these sessions, he revealed an inclination to “continually sign up for this sh*t” due to the allure of something different, something that brought a sense of relief.

The Dark Side of Ketamine

While the actor recognized the euphoric impact of ketamine, he also candidly admitted that it was not for him. Describing the aftermath as a “hangover” that outweighed the initial positive effects, Perry’s memoir captured the complexities and struggles associated with his experiences with the synthetic drug.

Tracing the Cause of Death

The toxicology report from the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner officially attributed Matthew Perry’s cause of death to the “acute effects of ketamine.” The report also outlined additional contributing factors, including drowning, coronary artery disease, and the effects of buprenorphine, a drug used in treating opioid use. Despite being ruled an accident, Perry’s passing shocked family, friends, and fans.

Conclusion: A Tragic Legacy

Matthew Perry’s revelation about ketamine in his memoir adds a layer of tragedy to his well-documented struggles with addiction and mental health. As fans mourn the loss of the beloved ‘Friends star, his candid confessions serve as a reminder of the complexities individuals face in their battles with substances and the profound impact such struggles can have on their lives.

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