Zendaya Adds Hit Show The Bear to Her Must-Watch List

Zendaya Adds Hit Show The Bear to Her Must-Watch List

Zendaya Adds Hit Show The Bear to Her Must-Watch List

Zendaya Reveals She’s Currently Binging The Bear

In a recent interview, actress and singer Zendaya shared what new show she’s hooked on – Hulu’s critically acclaimed series The Bear.

When asked by Buzzfeed Celeb “What show are you binging right now?”, Zendaya responded “Okay, I’m behind on The Bear. I know. And they just swept [the awards circuit] which is amazing.”

She went on to praise The Bear’s talented cast, saying “Because I think they have a wonderful cast and they’re all super talented. So I’m going to get back on it. I think probably tonight.”

The Bear follows young chef Carmy as he takes over his family’s Chicago sandwich shop after a death in the family. Lauded for its realistic portrayal of the chaotic restaurant world, it’s easy to see why the show has captured Zendaya’s attention.

In addition to raving about her latest TV obsession, Zendaya also recently made a big move in her personal life. She is reportedly moving in with her boyfriend of several years, Spider-Man co-star Tom Holland.

A source close to the couple revealed “They’re excited for this next chapter. They both work so hard that coming home to each other without having to worry about if they have everything they need will be just such a game changer.”

The insider added “They’re just happy to be together. There’s no pressure to get married at all.”

After years of dating, it seems the two young stars are taking their relationship up a level by shacking up together.

Between settling into a new living situation with her beau and binging the hottest new show, Zendaya has an exciting time ahead. She continues to balance a thriving career and personal life.

It’s no surprise a hit like The Bear has made it onto Zendaya’s watchlist. She has great taste when it comes to television. This raw dramedy seems right up her alley.

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