Animation Future of "Star Wars" Rests in Hands of Lucasfilm

Animation Future of “Star Wars” Rests in Hands of Lucasfilm

Animation Future of "Star Wars" Rests in Hands of Lucasfilm

Star Wars.

The producers behind the acclaimed “Star Wars” animated series “The Bad Batch” recently commented on potential future installments. With their show nearing conclusion after Season 3, further animation efforts rely on Lucasfilm giving the green light.

Producers Hopeful But Unsure Of More Animated Content

Speaking to ComicBook, “The Bad Batch” producer Jennifer Corbett first highlighted Lucasfilm’s standout animation division. However, regarding additional projects, Corbett admitted “Obviously, we can’t speak as to if there’s something in the works or not.”

While unable to confirm plans, Corbett stressed that “the team at Lucasfilm Animation…have such passion for what they do.” Fellow producer Brad Rau echoed wanting to collaborate again, saying “Sign me up. I want to watch more.”

So although producers cannot validate rumors, they reiterate eagerness to keep expanding the animated galaxy.

The Bad Batch” Winding Down

For now, the focus stays on wrapping up existing story arcs in “The Bad Batch,” which tracks a squad of clone troopers during the post-Republic era. Disney+ teases Season 3 will show the Batch fighting to reunite and “seeking out unexpected allies” against Imperial adversaries.

After this closure, however, the future looks uncertain unless Lucasfilm executives decide to revisit animation.

Bridging Animation and Live-Action

Lucasfilm has incorporated fan-favorite animated characters like Ahsoka Tano and Saw Gerrera into recent live-action series. Further blending both mediums can attract wider viewership.

The producers of “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” would undoubtedly embrace contributing their animation expertise to additional installments. But for now, they await potential word from Lucasfilm.

The Saga Continues

While “The Bad Batch” nears its narrative end, opportunities remain to explore new corners of the “Star Wars” mythology through animation. Let’s hope Lucasfilm realizes the rich potential in allowing its talented creative team to keep world-building.

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