Fans Upset Seeing Prince Andrew Lead Royals at Memorial

Fans Upset Seeing Prince Andrew Lead Royals at Memorial

Fans Upset Seeing Prince Andrew Lead Royals at Memorial

Prince Andrew Led the Royals

Prince Andrew’s appearance leading the British royal family at King Constantine’s recent memorial service sparked outrage online. As Andrew remains exiled from official duties, many viewed his prominent role as appalling optics.

Prince Andrew’s Return to Public Duty

Andrew was stripped of royal responsibilities over his ties to Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking scandal. Yet at the Thanksgiving service for Greece’s Constantine at St. George’s Chapel, Andrew took precedence beside ex-wife Sarah Ferguson and daughters Beatrice and Eugenie.

Seeing the disgraced Duke of York prominently representing the household reignited fury over his ongoing affiliation. Fans voiced disappointment across social media.

Online Backlash Over Andrew’s Visibility

Multiple royal watchers called out Andrew’s memorial presence as wholly inappropriate given his status. One tweeted, “‘ Prince Andrew leads…’ should not be anywhere next to ‘Royal Family’. I’m sorry but this is terrible optics all around.”

Another speculated Prince William himself likely opposed Andrew’s renewed visibility “because he knows this will be damaging.” A third observer noted, “Optics are awful, hope all ok with Wales family.”

Overall, online feedback showed Andrew’s central positioning remained highly contentious.

Explaining Andrew’s Event Appearance

Sources have indicated Prince Andrew was invited to King Constantine’s service in a personal rather than professional capacity. As this was not an official royal function, Andrew attended privately through lingering Greek ties.

Even so, his proximity to working royals while facing ongoing lawsuits and disgrace upset many expecting his long-term exclusion.


Seeing Prince Andrew rejoin the public royal fold, albeit briefly, reactivated outrage over his continued comfortable standing. Despite Andrew’s invitation, fans questioned the wisdom of allowing his rehabilitation amid remaining controversies. The royals continue struggling to rebuild trust around Andrew.

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