Eminem Outrageous "Pee Pee" Line About Gwen Stefani: The Rapper Calls It Funny

Eminem Outrageous “Pee Pee” Line About Gwen Stefani: The Rapper Calls It Funny

Eminem Outrageous "Pee Pee" Line About Gwen Stefani: The Rapper Calls It Funny

Eminem Outrageous “Pee Pee” Line About Gwen Stefani,

When it comes to pushing boundaries with outrageous lyrics, Eminem is no stranger to controversy. One instance that raised eyebrows was the rapper’s risqué reference to Gwen Stefani in his 2004 track “Ass Like That.” Despite the backlash, Eminem stood by the “pee pee” line, defending it as simply his crude sense of humor.

The lyrics that sparked debate were: “So Gwen Stefani, will you pee pee on me, please? I ain’t never seen an ass like that, Cuz the way you move it, you make my pee pee go, Doing, doing, doing.”

In a past interview with The New York Times, the publication quizzed Eminem on whether such lines about the beloved pop star amounted to disrespect. However, the Grammy-winning rapper calmly rebuffed that notion.

“I don’t think it was ever anything disrespectful. I mean, maybe I said she could pee-pee on me, but I don’t care who you are—that’s funny regardless,” Eminem stated about his Gwen Stefani lyrics.

The artist maintained his stance that the eyebrow-raising reference was all in good fun and simply a reflection of his Brand of outrageous, no-holds-barred humor. Eminem collaborated with Stefani in 2015 on the track “Kings Never Die,” suggesting no actual ill will.

“I’ve always respected Gwen Stefani. She’s an incredible talent, but also her longevity is one of the reasons she was perfect for that song,” Eminem added.

This Gwen Stefani example highlights one of the key pillars of Eminem’s iconic career – his insistence on creative freedom to incorporate shockingly crass lyrical content if he deems it funny. As a true artist’s artist, he prioritizes uncompromising self-expression.

While the “pee pee” line undoubtedly ruffled feathers, Eminem’s rationale showcases his uniquely unfiltered comedic perspective. As one of music’s most influential forces of the past quarter-century, he has never shied away from courting controversy in pursuit of his raw artistic vision.

Eminem’s legacy is one of profound lyrical genius balanced with a penchant for sparking debates through his FREWW humor and uncompromising creative ethos. Whether one finds the Gwen Stefani reference crass or comedic, it exemplified the very boundary-pushing qualities that made Eminem a cultural iconoclast.

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