Kim Kardashian Calls It Quits on Challenging Law Career

Kim Kardashian Calls It Quits on Challenging Law Career

Kim Kardashian Calls It Quits on Challenging Law Career

Kim Kardashian,

Reality superstar Kim Kardashian has decided to halt her legal education after finding the curriculum too “hard and demanding,” according to sources close to the SKIMS founder.

Kim Kardashian’s Passion for Prison Reform

In 2019, Kim Kardashian announced plans to become a lawyer without attending law school, instead opting for an apprenticeship program in California. She was driven by her passion for prison reform and a desire to carry on the legacy of her late father, prominent attorney Robert Kardashian.

Over the past few years, the business mogul has advocated for criminal justice reform, even meeting with President Trump about pardoning Alice Marie Johnson, a great-grandmother serving a life sentence for nonviolent drug charges.

The Challenges Proved Too Much

However, insiders claim the demands of studying to pass the notoriously difficult “baby bar” exam, run her business empire, and care for four young children ultimately became too much for the reality star.

“Kim thought she could pull it off, but the work was grueling and she failed the baby bar exam three times,” the source told Page Six. “It was too much with her businesses and four kids.”

Image and Reputation Unlikely to Suffer

PR expert Mayah Riaz believes Kim Kardashian decision to halt her legal career is understandable and unlikely to damage her public image.

“Only Kim will know if giving up law is right for her – and it seems it is,” Riaz told Mirror Online. “There’s something to be said about prioritizing mental wellbeing and avoiding burnout.

Honoring Her Father’s Memory

While no doubt disappointing, Riaz said Kim Kardashian can still honor her late father’s memory through other means.

“She has a huge platform which she can use to raise awareness or financially support relevant organizations – and that too can be in her father’s memory,” Riaz noted. “I don’t think this will negatively impact Kim’s reputation. She gave it a go and now won’t wonder ‘what if.'”

The Path Forward

Though her law ambitions were cut short, Kim Kardashian seems well-positioned to continue advocating for criminal justice reform in her unique way.

With her massive social media following and connections in the White House, Kim Kardashian still wields formidable influence to enact positive change. By prioritizing her mental health and family, the reality icon sets a positive example to fans about recognizing one’s limitations.

For Kim Kardashian, the next chapter may look different than originally envisioned – but her future remains bright.

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