Kim Kardashian Follows Kris Jenner's Footsteps Pushing Kids Into Spotlight

Kim Kardashian Follows Kris Jenner’s Footsteps Pushing Kids Into Spotlight

Kim Kardashian Follows Kris Jenner's Footsteps Pushing Kids Into Spotlight

Kim Kardashian,

Reality icon Kim Kardashian seems to be closely mimicking her mother Kris Jenner’s approach to thrusting her children into the spotlight at a young age. Kardashian shares four kids with rapper Kanye West – North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm.

10-Year-Old North West Already Appearing in Kanye’s Music

Kim Kardashian’s eldest daughter, 10-year-old North, recently starred in her father Kanye’s new song, drawing lots of media attention. This mirrors Kris Jenner’s tendency to spotlight her kids, like Kim Kardashian and her siblings, from a very young age.

Kris Jenner Has Expressed Regrets Over Fame Pressures on Kids

According to Kim Kardashian’s colleague Ryan, Kris has shared feeling guilty about the pressures fame put on her children early on. Ryan questioned why Kim would then repeat this pattern with her kids if she witnessed the difficulties firsthand.

However, he speculates Kim Kardashian may view the experience positively overall, given the wealth and opportunities it created. She likely believes spotlighting her kids is what’s best for them.

Wealth and Fame Seen as Opening Doors for Kardashian Kids

Ryan further explained Kim Kardashian’s motivations – she probably thinks fame will open doors for her children and ensure they have the best possible lives. If she sees the spotlight as beneficial based on her childhood, she’ll keep encouraging her kids to take part.

Kim Kardashian Keeping Kids Highly Visible Despite Potential Drawbacks

Other celebrity parents strive to keep their kids entirely out of the public eye. But as Ryan emphasized, Kim takes the opposite approach, consistently keeping her little ones visible.

She’s likely following the Kris Jenner playbook on leveraging family notoriety, for better or worse. If Kim perceived harm in her own childhood fame, she may have shielded her kids. Yet she sees the experience as more positive than negative.

Kardashian Doing What She Feels Is Best as a Mother

Essentially, Ryan noted Kim is doing what she genuinely believes is the right thing as a mom – even if that means repeating the cycle of overexposure. By putting her kids in the spotlight per Kris’ example, she hopes to open the same doors and opportunities fame brought her.

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