Prince Harry Still Gets Protection in UK Despite "Low Risk"

Prince Harry Still Gets Protection in UK Despite “Low Risk”

Prince Harry Still Gets Protection in UK Despite "Low Risk", image by google

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As the legal battle rages on between Prince Harry and the UK government over security arrangements, a royal protection expert has shed new light on the reality of Prince Harry’s safety provisions when visiting Britain.

Former head of royal protection Dai Davies says despite the ongoing court case, Prince Harry continues to receive “royalty protection” from UK authorities whenever he returns home. This specialized security is provided regardless of the risks currently being deemed “low” by the intelligence agencies advising the government.

In an interview with The Mirror, Davies explained the reasoned approach taken by the Royal and VIP Executive Committee (RAVEC) which oversees royal security policies:

“It’s nothing personal, and as a former professional, I would apply those principles of, ‘Is it necessary and does the intelligence warrant it?'” Davies stated. “Every time he’s been here of late, to see his father or royalty, he’s had royalty protection.

Davies, who has decades of experience in this field, provided helpful context on the infrequent need for armed intervention, noting “The last time somebody drew a gun was in 1974 when Princess Anne was attacked…so the risk level is low. It’s not to say it can’t happen, of course, it can.

The royal expert believes Prince Harry’s privacy security team is highly trained, further ensuring his protection during UK visits. “His Chief of Protection appears to be an ex-Sergeant in royalty protection and is highly trained,” Davies remarked.

While Prince Harry has lost the first round of his legal challenge demanding paid police security on his visits, he has vowed to appeal the decision. At the heart of the dispute is Prince Harry’s firm stance that he should receive the same comprehensive security afforded to other royals given the publicly known threats he faces.

As the Sussex family’s high-profile status persists and this saga plays out, security professionals like Dai Davies provide valued insight into the calibrated approaches used to safeguard the royals – even those who have stepped back from official duties. The provision of “royalty protection” indicates special considerations remain in place for Prince Harry despite being deemed “low risk.”

Prince Harry Still Gets Protection in UK Despite “Low Risk”

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