Rashida Jones Celebrates 48th Birthday with Dad Quincy Jones

Rashida Jones Celebrates 48th Birthday with Dad Quincy Jones

Rashida Jones Celebrates 48th Birthday with Dad Quincy Jones

Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones rang in her 48th birthday on Sunday, February 25th by celebrating with her beloved father, music icon Quincy Jones. The Parks and Recreation star shared a sweet photo with her 90-year-old dad, calling him her “favorite fellow Pisces.”

Family Bond Over Zodiac Signs

In the Instagram post, Jones smiled with her arm around Quincy, who turns 91 on March 14th. “Best birthday with my favorite fellow Pisces,” Jones captioned the photo with her father.

The father-daughter duo share a Pisces zodiac sign, with Rashida Jones born on February 25th and Quincy on March 14th. Astrology appears to be one more special bond the two creative talents share.

Last year for Quincy’s 90th birthday, Rashida Jones posted a musical collage set to his hit “Soul Bossa Nova” with the Orchestra. Her loving caption read: “This man is 90 today!!! No one has lived more life, survived more challenges, contributed more culturally, loved with every piece of his heart than ‘le Q’.

Lifetime of Love and Wisdom

Rashida Jones went on to reflect on the incredible wisdom she’s gained from her legendary father over her lifetime. “You taught me how to make decisions out of love and not fear, to stay curious, to value humility, to travel, to work hard, to laugh through pain, to see humanity in everyone,” she wrote.

The touching post encapsulated a daughter’s immense gratitude for the lessons, love, and inspiration passed down by her father. Rashida Jones considers herself “so blessed” to have Quincy as her guiding light.

48 years into their bond, Rashida and Quincy’s mutual affection and astrological connection are stronger than ever. As Rashida celebrated another trip around the sun with Quincy by her side, their Pisces birthdays remain a symbolic time to honor their profound relationship.

Rashida said it best – she got incredibly “lucky” to have Quincy Jones as her eternal friend, mentor, and father. Their Pisces kinship will live on for many more birthdays ahead.

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