Selling Sunset Shocker: Christine Quinn Husband Christian Richard Arrested Again After Alleged Domestic Violence

Selling Sunset Shocker: Christine Quinn Husband Christian Richard Arrested Again After Alleged Domestic Violence

Selling Sunset Shocker: Christine Quinn's Husband Christian Richard Arrested Again After Alleged Domestic Violence, image by google

The Disturbing Allegations Against Christian Richard

In a shocking turn of events, Christian Richard, the husband of former Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn, has been arrested again just one day after an alleged domestic violence incident. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, officers responded to a call at the couple’s Hollywood Hills home on Tuesday regarding a domestic dispute.

The allegations are deeply disturbing. Richard is accused of throwing a glass bottle at Quinn during an argument, missing her but striking their 2-year-old son and causing injury. Paramedics were called to the scene to treat the toddler, who was later taken to the emergency room by Quinn as a precaution.

Richard was initially arrested on Tuesday and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. He was released on $30,000 bond the following day. However, just hours later, he violated an emergency protective order by returning to the family’s home, leading to his re-arrest on Wednesday night.

History of Controversy

This is not the first time Christian Richard, whose real name is Christian Dumontet, has found himself in legal trouble. The tech millionaire, who went by the name Christian Richard on Selling Sunset for “privacy reasons,” has faced scrutiny over his business dealings and personal life.

Quinn and Richard met through mutual friends and tied the knot in a lavish Gothic winter wonderland-themed wedding in 2019, which was featured on Season 3 of the hit Netflix reality show. After Quinn departed from Selling Sunset in 2022, the couple launched their own cryptocurrency-based real estate company, RealOpen.

The Road Ahead

As of now, Quinn and her son are residing at a safe location away from Richard. The former reality star has not publicly commented on the incident. Richard is due in court on April 11th to face the charges against him.

This alleged act of domestic violence casts a dark shadow over the once-glamorous lives of Quinn and Richard. It serves as a grim reminder that behind the glitz and glamor of reality TV, real-life issues and dangers can lurk.

The well-being and safety of Quinn and her child must be the top priority as this case unfolds. Domestic violence is never acceptable, and the legal system must hold those accused accountable for their actions.

Human Connection

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Domestic violence is a complex issue with far-reaching consequences, and our goal is to shed light on this incident while advocating for the well-being of all those affected, especially the innocent child caught in the crossfire.

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